Friday, 24 November 2017

#QAnon White Rabbit found in North Korea !! Elon Musk - Spacex CIA funded.

Great dot-joining Isaac. Fantastic. Thank you.

"Tick tock... Tick tock..." 
"I'm late! I'm late! - for a very important date," said the White Rabbit as he slipped under the roots of an old, old tree...  

#FamilyTree ?? #13Families ?? #Bloodlines ?? #FamilyRoots #HiddenRoots

Something Is Up With Elon Musk and Spacex | Q Anon CIA funding/North Korea - this is a MUST LISTEN!

Anti School - Streamed live 7 hours ago

Elon Musk's Spacex project was funded by the CIA through Rizvi Traverse Management. Suhail Rizvi was good friends with large Twitter shareholder, recently arrested Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal. Is Elon Musk a CIA shill? Why all the government contracting? Digging underground? Telling us 'microchips' are the only way to survive AI ?? We see right through you, socially awkward Elon. 


God bless you truth seekers out there!!! 
Peace and love, -Isaac Green
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Meanwhile, in the mountains of North Korea where it is rumored that Barack Obama likes to go on holiday ...

In the foot of the rabbit is a huge resort. This is allegedly where elites and CIA ops go on holiday. This is unverified as yet... Listen to Isaac's video - he knows heaps more on this topic than what I do... But just tuck this information away. When these dots start to join and the MSM can't avoid it any longer, you'll be able to give your Friends and family the background, and where to find more information on these topics. Thanks.

The House of Cards is rapidly tumbling down !!

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  1. Interesting find BronnyNZ!!! I will pass it on our fellow Anon-Autists for further research. If I post it enough,Facebook gives me a one-week suspension. Its algorithms will think I'm a bot. I have suffered this punishment 3 times, maybe 4....All for a good cause,tho.


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