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Marcus Follin aka "The Golden One". Lessons on unabashed masculinity. I love this!


This introduction was put up by Red Ice radio (Norway) on a radio show they did with Marcus... Published Oct 9, 2015.

Marcus Follin is a Swedish body builder behind the popular YouTube channel, The Golden One. He studies Economics and is a contributor at RightOn.net, an online resource for the rising True Right of Europe. Marcus joins us for a discussion about self-improvement, health, politics, Nationalism, and the sad state of affairs in Sweden.

Our conversation begins with Marcus describing how the epic heroes of his childhood inspired him embrace Nationalism. We look at the rather myopic people of Sweden, plagued with the inability to see the larger picture of the immigration invasion and the establishment’s plan for replacing their population. We discuss the common rhetoric that Europeans are inherently evil, perpetual oppressors who should be upheld to different standards than the rest of humanity. We speak about the educational system’s conspiracy by omission that is training up a whole culture of White guilt. Then, we envisage where things are heading with the refugee invasion in Sweden, and how the foreign elements coming into the native culture are weakening and eroding an already pathologically complacent people. We consider the real threat of Europe being absorbed by Islam, and Marcus stresses the importance for young Swedish men to rekindle the Viking and Goth within, to fight for their nation. Marcus illustrates how the highly atomized and hyper-individualized men of Sweden can take a page from the playbook of Middle Eastern tribalism to network and build up and a stronger sense of brotherhood.

In the members’ portion, we focus on the history of European uprising and what it will take for political parties like the Swedish Democrats to gain more support and power. Marcus emphasizes the opportunities that are presented by the country’s desperate situation, and he says that promoting economic policies that make it more feasible for working parents to raise large families are needed to resolve Europe’s sinking birth rates. Then, we shift to the Syrian disaster, America’s funding of anti-Assad rebel forces, and Russia’s recent master move against ISIS. Further, we consider the pan-European movement being pushed by the EU, with its absurd border policies that have opened the floodgates of the Middle East to effectively depopulate the area for what looks to be the benefit of Israel. We finish our conversation on the physical fitness aspect of self-improvement with weight training tips, goals, and means to maintain a respectful bond with Mother Nature.

Radio show here >>

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See facebook groups for more discussion:

Sweden Europe immigration crisis: Finding solutions.


Marcus' video channel is "The Golden One".  He does regular updates across fitness, political and economic subjects that are affecting Sweden, all of Europe, North America... that are happening right now.

Note:  I've had to resort to attaching Marcus's video links on video titles and on the corresponding image below. It would appear that Zionist-owned Google Blogger doesn't want Marcus's anti-globalist message to get out into the world, so Blogger won't pick up Marcus's videos from YouTube for me... So just click on the video title or image and you will be taken directly to the YouTube videos. 

This suggests to us exactly how important Marcus's teaching to us is. 

Marcus's words are most certainly rattling the 'agenda'.

Therefore: It's important that you share Marcus's messages wherever you can on social media - ie: these videos, posts on his "golden one" website, and his various social media accounts. Friend, Follow and share... 

Marcus's stance and words on the issues he covers have the power and potential to create huge changes in our world I feel - only when we take these thoughts in (ruminate upon them) and then act upon his words...  

This is one hell of a Man!  Listen up !! 

Please note:  I'm personally not into "men" generally... I'm especially not into big pumped up gorillas...  But this one... ??  - The eloquence of his words, his self-education on these topic, his self-discipline in the extreme... ??  One can not help but take notice.  Take notice !! This Man honestly, holds the keys for us to absolutely free ourselves from mental, economic, political, military and religious slavery... He is telling us "get up off your knees, slave" and empowers us all to be our "best self" - his repeated catch-phrase.  My god... what a leader this Man is !!  Thank you Marcus for your Being.

Please enjoy a selection of videos below. And keep researcing Marcus's various social media and web outlets. We do hold the power! And this is how to exercise it... through physical as well as intellectual stamina and determination. This Man amazes me... He puts out the call unabashedly for all men to follow in his footsteps. 

Is this not what a Man is, essentially ??  - a hero ??  A demi-god ??  - full of prowess and skill, in physical might and unsurpassed wisdom, clear-mindedness and diplomacy? And if you think "No" to my statements, ask yourself why you are thinking that. Think about it. Who told you that those qualities are not a Man ?? - And what does that person, entity or ideology stand to lose by Men fully claiming the rightful inheritance of who they really are? They are gods and sons of gods !!  But "somebody" has stripped them down so low that now, by-and-large, they only serve all over the world as slaves !! Who is benefitting from that arrangement do you think? Please enjoy... Thank you.

Video:  Glorious Right-Wing Nationalist Men Among the Ruins. Legio Gloria MMA + Strength

Marcus Follin - on Politics and Philosophy

Here's my introduction to the next video I posted on my Facebook timeline:  "Huge fucked off Viking Swede calmly tells all Swedish cultural Marxists where they can go !! Well done that man! Bro... can I stand behind you when we go to war against mindless liberalism?"

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"Marcus Follin... YouTube channel "The Golden One". If you have any doubt whatsoever there are people out there fighting for the good of the Swedish motherland, look no further. If you need a 're-education' curriculum that doesn't follow the fools currently barbecuing their weeners, Marcus can undoubtedly help you... YouTube channel here >>

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Allow Marcus Follin to bitch-slap you out of your mindless cultural Marxism.

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Listen to Marcus... I totally support his point of view on finding the inner Goth and Viking within you, and tap into that ancestral energy to reaffirm the definition within you, of what it is to be Swedish...


Published on Sep 11, 2015

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May 4, 2015. Migrationsverket have squeezed policy for refugee immigrations... 165,000 refugees last year (2015)... something like <10,000 refugee acceptances so far in 2016 and around 5000+ left already of their own accord since they don't qualify for social welfare services. More expulsions are in the pipeline... 80,000 deportations start right now, and through 2018 for Sweden.

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Marcus post-Brexit. Speaking on:


Marcus Follin on June 27, 2016 said:

A victory video and an encouragement to continue and increase the efforts in the Metapolitical Crusade for Mother Evropa, with the aim at getting Trump into the White House and Front National into power in France! Exciting times to be alive!

Published on Jun 26, 2016
I say "Greetings, True Friends" at the start.

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Marcus Follin on June 23, 2016 said:

Book review of Jack Donovans latest book; Becoming a Barbarian!

Marcus said: "The tribalist mindset, much like the nationalist mindset (but on a smaller scale), is about being a true friend to your tribe. Quoting Aristotle “A friend to all is a friend to none“, this makes perfect sense; if you care about everyone and if you hold everyone in the same regard you are not placing particularly much value on anyone. If everyone is the same and equal; everyone is easily replaced, and this is also endemic to the modern world; with loose loyalties and fleeting connections. As I see it there are too many guys who are investing quality time in people they will never have a deeper relationship with, and that is time that could be spent with your brothers."

- Much more on Marcus's book review

BronnyNZ said:  Brilliant! In Aotearoa New Zealand we only have 140 years since our last wars - Maori vs. the coloniser. I'm of British descent btw. I make no bones about the atrocities done by the English wankers... usurpers of my Scottish homelands and homelands all over Celtic Britain... On with the story...

So we already have a "warrior spirit" alive and well here in NZ. For Sweden, they became Christianised since 1050 CE... so that's slightly short of 1000 years since they felt their tribal roots... primarily being the Viking warriors, maritime adventurers... people who (sure) plundered and raped as they went, but we can "adapt" against such violences for our educated times. There were other tribes that existed in these Nordic regions too, i'm sure... Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, etc...

So for Swedes to dig deep back into the ancestral past of so long ago is nothing less than freaking stunning !! *very ultra-good* I'm very glad to hear of it! I'm so glad Marcus is encouraging his fellow-Vikings - native Swedes - to do this. Like for us here in Aotearoa - our self-determination and sense of self comes from the Tupuna - the ancestors. It's their blood... their DNA we carry in our veins. It's them who we represent now. We are representations of those hard, fit, courageous men of old who travelled far on the mighty seas, their teeth gritted against the elements as they hauled upon the oars that would take them far... Those men who settled the earth's extremities, at huge personal cost and for the love of exploration, invention and their society's up-building. These are our heros!

And all over the world, my desire is to see the disinherited tribes of the earth railing against the usurper. The People will never lay down... especially not when we reinvigorate our cultural connections. Connect to your ancestors !! And then we (all people on earth) will never be taken down !!

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Marcus Fallin on Oopih.com - A social network for us who stand for European culture and heritage.

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Published on May 3, 2016

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The Golden One on Becoming a Hero of Europe

May 3, 2016 - In this program, we are joined by Marcus Follin, otherwise known as The Golden One, the famous Swedish bodybuilder who discusses the metapolitical impact of literature, video games, and other popular culture, his evolution into nationalism and traditionalism, and offers advice to others on the same path.

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