Wednesday, 10 August 2016

"Amen" is a SUN GOD (Sonne of God). Human sacrifice. The Jesus myth.


"Amen" is an Egyptian Sun God of child sacrifice that was imported into Rome (which also did human sacrifice) and into Britannia where they continued human sacrifice - the druids, persecutions, witch hunts, endless wars, eg: WW1 & WW2 killed countless humans - and became the predominant idea that was imported into America - "sacrifice".

The population in the USA is the 'holding pen' where the people have been brought up with guns (2nd amendment) and the culture is to accept sending your sons and daughters to the killing fields - a "sacrifice" for your country! American mothers and fathers carry out the "sacrifice" of their own children to the magicians of Egypt of their own volition now.

This is "Amen" aka "Amen Ra".

Do you still want to use that word at the end of your prayers to the Eternal and Infathomable One?

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Source - Greek

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