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Backlash !!! The Swedes have woken up !! Muslim trouble makers - out !!!

Here's when the awakening in Sweden really started happening...  January 24, 2016.

Here's when the Swedish general population started to wake up!

Escape: Miss Mehzer then tried to crawl away from her attacker, making her way along the corridor, leaving a trail of blood
Image  "Escape: Miss Mehzer then tried to crawl away from her attacker, making her way along the corridor, leaving a trail of blood."  - Inside the refugee centre where children under 18 years are given housing.

January 24, 2016 incident. Original story in the Daily Mail, UK, Australia edition:

This follow-up story published May 24, 2016 - Daily Mail UK, Australia edition:

After this, Sweden began to wake up to the reality of the dangers of Muslim migration. Before this, the Swedes simply prided themselves on being the most humanitarian country in the world. After this, all the reports of massive numbers of Muslim rapes on children under 15 years old began to be reported. Before this, Swedish women and children just kept quiet, because their culture of kindness and compassion tells them to feel sorry for the perpetrators of even such heinous crimes !!  I guess psychologists call it "Stockholm Syndrome" for a reason, right?  - derived from the Swedish affliction of self-guilt when people of lesser opportunity commit crimes.  Swedish sensibilities had at last been pushed to the brink !! They started to speak out.  Here is an excerpt from the UK's "Daily Mail" -

"Blood-smeared floors and walls of child migrant centre where a Swedish social worker, 22, was stabbed to death in 'a frenzied attack' by a Muslim migrant who lied about his age to get "child alone" benefits from the Swedish government.

"Nuur will be deported back to Ethiopia on completing his sentence..." (locked up in jail for a very long time).

My additional comments, BronnyNZ:

Early in 2016, two Muslim killers were given life sentences in Sweden and won't get out for years... Undoubtedly, they will be deported to their home countries also, when their sentences have been completed.

The moral of the story is this:

If you want to do criminal acts and get away with it, Middle Eastern countries and North Africa are wide open spaces for you to do your worst !! Don't go to Europe and expect you will get away with it. You are worse than wild pigs !! And you will be returned to your home countries like the wild pigs that you are !! Disgraceful !! Do you call yourself human ?? No! You are not. You are ignorant. You are arrogant. You take from other people as if it is your right. You are much lower than a human being... You are pigs !! Look at how you treat animals !!

Image   "Moscow bans Islamic sacrifice"

There is a direct relationship between the way men treat animals and the way those same men treat women. As you see here, the perpetrators enjoy blood-letting while the rest of the perpetrators look on in shock, some with smiles on their faces, and not one of them intervenes for the life of this poor animal. This is how Muslim men treat women also - even their own women. This correlationship between violence to animals and violence to women is researched through schools of psychology and sociology. This research is well-known by police, social workers, lawyers and judges in the western world. Your crimes are not unknown. This is how you treat animals !! This is how you treat women and non-Muslim people. Bloody disgusting !!!

You don't have a religion... it's purely hedonism - self pleasure and self aggrandisement. There is no care and compassion for anyone else, except for your own selfish elevation. Islam is a sickness. If you read the Quran and act on it unquestioningly, you are pathologically unwell. If you exhibited these behaviours as a non-Muslim in any country of the world, you would be put into a mental institution. You suffer from a psychosis...  and how horrible to think that these 'brands' of Islam are acceptable in so many countries of the world. You are brutal. You cut off women's clitorises and labia. You even do brutal circumcisions on your own baby boys and leave them pouring out blood onto the concrete floor of a dirty building where you have left them alone and crying their little lungs out. Fucking savages.

It's no wonder that you yourselves are such psychopaths. Right from your own male circumcision as a baby and left alone to bleed and cry, your psychology has split. In psychology terms, this is called "dissociation". And how true that word is... You have "dis-" (to remove) "- socially".  ie: You have crippled yourselves from being able to behave in socially beneficial ways. You are cripples emotionally... all of you.  If you have been circumcised as a Muslim without anasthesia, you are an emotional cripple. You are not able to behave 'normally' as most males are able to do in Western society, who exhibit such traits as kindness, compassion, love and empathy. All of this is beyond you. You consider those traits "weakness", and all because of the brutal circumcision your parents allowed to you endure as a little infant lying alone on a concrete floor of some god-forsaken building in a third world hell-hole. 

You brutally bugger (sodomise) young boys born into these third world hell-holes... It's a very common occurrence in Afghanistan. And yet these same perpetrators of these sadistic crimes are absolutely devoted to Islam, the so-called "prophet" Mohammed, and to the Quran. What is a religion if there is no love?  A hell-hole. You are living in hell. Sadly, you choose this hell for yourselves and there is nothing anyone can do... not even liberal-minded Sweden... to ease your pain. You must free yourselves. This is the only way.

No wonder your lands are barren... Look at them. And yet in pre-Muslim times, all of these lands were noted for being lush and abundant with plants, trees, fruit, water and growth.  Your lands now simply reflect the barreness in your own hearts. You are without love. That is absolutely clear. And now you have come to create a barren wilderness in the Nordic lands as well, and infect the soil of these places with your lovelessness. And this will not happen. You will not be allowed to stay.

Call to action:  Sending Islam a clear message...

Image  Breaking story (today) -  Police arrest 900 Muslim migrants in England and Wales for “sickening” crimes. August 1, 2016 4:08pm by Christine Williams

The solutions start today:

Remove all single Muslim males from Sweden right now who are posing as refugees. They are not refugees of war. They have arrived to free-load off the backs of hard working Swedes who pay 30% to 60% of all their wages in taxes, in most instances. These free-loaders have no intention ever, of working. They have no intention ever, of paying tax.  They are "takers".  They take whatever you are blindly willing to give them, out of your unexamined 'pity' for these scoundrels. This is your cultural 'norm' in Sverige. And this is perfectly fine when everybody thinks this way and behaves for the common good. However: This way of being in society together absolutely fails when you try to accommodate a culture whose attitude is to take over the host country - Sweden.

These single Muslim males have arrived into Sweden as if by right, and they demand everything as if by right - including that Sharia Law be written into the nation's law - in Sweden !!!  What a fucking joke!  They really must think Swedes are completely stupid. Swedes are not stupid, or blind...  They are just incredibly kind.  And you perpetrators of criminal acts - rape, beating, indecent exposure in public, shitting and pissing in public places including swimming pools, spitting, swearing at local native Swedes who greeted you with open arms when you first arrived, you who shove and punch women in their faces in shopping centres, who pull out knives, gather in large groups and harass native Swedes in their own city centres, who laugh at police who have no desire to fight anyone on any day of the year (beautiful passive Swedes), you who have demanded designated "Moslem only" areas all over Sweden and that are absolutely "no-go zones" to the local people unless they want to get raped and murdered, you who think nothing of molesting native Swedish children, you who publicly tell naive Swedish people your lies - You do not deserve even one crumb of that kindness !!  It's very much over-time that you leave. You have "over-stayed your welcome" as we say in English idiom.  Go !!  Go now !!!  We see you now for everything you are... and now the Swedes will feel every confidence to kick you out.  You don't know how to behave properly in Sweden...  so go !!  Leave !!  You are not wanted!  Only the good, well-behaved and integrating Muslims will be allowed to stay...  Not you violent criminals who are only causing trouble, and will never contribute to the public good. That is not the Swedish way !!  So leave !!

Those single Muslim males of all ages have arrived in Sweden purely to make trouble. They have arrived so they can re-group, to re-educate their own on the "virtues" of Islam (such as claiming the whole world for "Alla") and to recruit new soldiers for the "Islamic State" idealism and ongoing wars in Middle East countries... Just like the Quran tells them to do...

Their call to action is to rape women and children, to kill as many non-Muslim people as possible (native and already settled and integrated for over a decade, Swedish people), and to take over the host country and turn it into an Islamic nation. This is their modus operandi !!

Is this what you people in Sweden want?  No. Of course not!

You don't want these brutal crimes happening to your daughters every day, as they are now.

This is what is happening to your daughters as young as 3 and 4 years old, your teenagers, your older women, and to your boys !!!  Stand up. Men are physically stronger and bigger, more athletic. The women and children need you.

If you stand by and do nothing, you're as big an evil prick as these perpetrators who do these acts !!


These are the teachings of Islam. It's as ingrained in these Muslim rapists and murderers as what being kind and accepting has been ingrained into the native Swedish population. These two cultures do not mix !!  Ingrid Carlqvist has been telling you this now, for years!  It's time to listen!  Muslims will openly lie to you. They are told to do so in the Quran in order to advance the aims and purposes of Islam - which is to put the whole world under subjection to its commands. The word "islam" means "submission". Does Sweden plan to "submit"?  No. I didn't think so.


Are the naturalised and native people of Sweden actually going to "submit" to such horrors as perpetrated by these Muslim migrants, in their own country Sverige?

No. That would be impossible for you !!

What do you need to do?

Get these free-loading Muslim rapists, killers and trouble-makers out now !!  I'm serious. These are the crimes they are perpetrating right now, all over Sverige... even as you are reading this.

When do you need to get them out?

- Today !!  Get them out today !!

They are not worth all the trouble they cause.

- Get them out !!  And make no excuses !!  

-  Make no excuses at all. The whole world knows what a beautiful place Sweden is and how beautiful (in heart and attitude) the Swedish people are. You will not lose face by removing these criminals. In fact, the opposite will occur...

- You will receive even greater admiration from all over the world by taking your stand.  Don't be afraid to stand your ground!

Do you want to see what large numbers of Muslim migrants think of Sweden and the Swedish people ??

Yes !! This is in Sweden !!

- Talk about "biting the hand that feeds you" !!

Article  September 10, 2014.  Are the Swedes still not doing anything about this? If not, why not ??

These pertetrators are ignorant people. They breed and pass their ignorance on to even more innocent souls... This is not Sweden's problem.  It will be your problem if you permit for them to stay any longer.

These perpetrators are not even able to do simple mathematics...  1 + 1 = 2

Meaning...  Rape Swedish children + Burn the Swedish flag = You will immediately be deported.

Can the Swedes do simple maths?  I sure hope so!

You in Sweden have now seen all the distress in your own families that your kindness to these murderers, rapists and free-loaders has caused. You have created your own distress because of your ill-founded kindness.  Don't be your own worst enemy.  

Get them out now !!

A call to action:

My Swedish is probably very bad... I've translated this on Google Translate...

This is my call to all Swedish fathers, husbands, uncles, brothers and males friends of native and integrated Swedish families of any religion...

Väcka den svenska andan
- för mitt land, för min kvinna, för mina barn, för min klan.

Awaken the Swedish spirit
- for my country, for my woman, for my children, for my clan.

Awaken the Viking spirit within all your hearts, for God's sake...  before the pain continues any further. The police alone are not enough. The men in Sweden need to rise up...  You are needed in this hour. Your participation is absolutely essential !!

-  Rise up !!!!

-  Take your stand !!!

-  You are needed now!

-  And of couse, we women will love you forever with all of our hearts when you do.

Thank you in advance.

Hold whatever protection in your hand that is permissible... 
Form community action groups together to take on these groups of people who would try to better you...
Make sure you do liaisons with your local police.  Back your police. Communicate with them.

Be pro-active.  This is not the time to sit on the fence and call for a committee meeting.
Act now. Every man who loves his country, his woman, his children and his parents: Act now.

Image  Germany, early 2016

When the people take their action, they must be together. And there must be no doubt remaining as to who the victor is !!  Our enduring love is your reward. Thank you.


Image  Germany, early 2016

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