Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sweden's "Crime Prevention Council" ignores statistics. Treason against the people!

Video:  Immigrant rape statistics in Sweden

Published on Jan 21, 2016

00:00 - What the statistics say
08:16 - Rape in relation to culture
12:53 - What can be done about this

The crime study from 1996 has a English summation near the end:

Same with the 2005 one:

A police report from 2016 bluntly says, on page 15, that 80% of assailants in bathouse sex attacks were immigrants:

Rape is 2x more likely in societies where gender inequality is normalized:

Norway migrant consent classes:

”A look doesn't mean anything in Finland”:

Kenya teaches consent and empowerment to boys and girls:


Mauricio Rojas - "Cultural heritage is behind immigrant crime":

Denmark found similar numbers concerning overrepresentation:

Norway found similar numbers as well:

Typical rapist in Paris is a 30-year old unemployed immigrant man, according to study by ONDRP:

Gangrape statistics from BRĂ…:

Article about gangrape:

Half of rapists don't know Swedish:

The article with the doctor in litigation:

Finnish study in 2014 found that immigrants of MENA and sub-Saharan African origins are overreperesented in rape statistics by factor of 12,90 and 12,19 respectively compared to native Finns. Meaning the overrepresentation is 4,4. This is after the numbers had been compensated for age and socio-economic status:

English summary:

In total, 27% of rapes were commited by immigrants and the number of immigrants in Finland at the time were 4% of the population.

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