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Sweden's migrant crisis. Links covering from September 2015 – March 2016


The Muslim Migrant Invasion of Europe


Many of these are “hard” news stories on terrorist attacks, rape attacks, riots, etc. Some are commentary, adducing previous reporting, and so representing numerous news incidents. Others are citations of Muslim imams proclaiming they will conquer Europe through breeding. Others document the harrowing experiences of Christian refugees in the migrant camps, at the mercy (or lack thereof) of Muslim migrants. Others report how the Muslim migrant influx is overwhelming the infrastructure and security of European countries and shredding the very fabric of society. This is nothing short of apocalyptic in its magnitude.

Perhaps the most important statistic which stands out comes from the United Nations itself, which reports that 75% of the migrants are “young, fit males.” I believe it was Mark Steyn who wryly noted, “That’s not the demographics of a civilian population displaced by war, that’s the demographics of an army.”

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The following are links in reverse chronological order taken from Ralph Sidwell's article. I've just cherry-picked articles that relate to Sweden and near countries and on 'general' topics of interest.

Links September 2015 – March 2016

(Most recent stories at top…)
Finland: Government issues video showing women how to prevent being rapedAll women have to do to keep from being raped is turn around, hold out their hand in a “halt” gesture and say “Stop!” That’s it! The Muslim migrant problem is solved!
Sweden Close to Collapse, Muslim Invaders Could Be Majority in 10-15 Years 

- That's not going to happen. Sweden closed its borders in November 2015. All economic migrants are being sent back to their homelands. 80,000 are being deported over the next 3 years. 5,000 of them stop receiving Swedish benefits in August and are being evicted from social housing. Around 5000 migrants arrived in July. Around 5,500 migrants withdrew their applications from migrations services and have left Sweden of their own accord. Swedish Migration Services put out a Press Release on July 19, 2016. Migrants can no longer make applications to be with a relation who is waiting to be accepted for provisional acceptance of permanent residency.  That's because most of those applications are not from war-torn countries. The applications were made by opportunists who went to Sweden for economic reasons...  ie: to become dole bludgers.
Hungary’s Refugee Problem  –  ‘Allahu Akbar’ Muslims throwing rocks at trains…
Muslim migrants refuse Denmark asylum: not enough benefits  - Sweden needs to take a leaf out of Denmark's book.

Plus a few links of my own...

Elderly lose milk and butter because of rising costs  - 2013 report

Dozens Of Sexual Assaults Reported At Last Weekend’s Swedish Music Festivals - July 2016

Shocking: Sweden is now the RAPE capital of the West. Here’s why…  - October 2015

Analyst: Europe’s Muslim male ‘refugee’ problem – and why it’s dangerous - January 9, 2016

Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe: EU’s flawed Muslim migration policy - January 10, 2016

These links are taken from the article above:
Sweden: 77% of rapes committed by 2% Muslim male population – Gov data.
Analyst: Europe’s Muslim male ‘refugee’ problem – and why it’s dangerous.
Denmark: Muslim men most likely to be criminals – Report.
Most European Muslims want Sharia – not European laws.
Asylum reality: One in three African men admit to rape, survey finds
Islamic Sweden is now the world’s second largest rape nation with a 1,472% increase in rapes.
(Statistics) Muslim countries, the most protective of women’s honour, have one of the highest rape scales in the world.
Shocking Predictive (Muslim) Rape Numbers: Over One in Four Swedes will be raped in their life.
Norway: (Muslim) Immigrants behind almost all reported assaulted rapes in Oslo.
Norway: 69% increase in rapes in Oslo in 2012. 100% foreign rapists – nearly all are Muslim.
Video: Saudi cleric Sheik Muhammad Al-Munajid lectures on endorsed marital rape in Islam (March 22, 2005, Iqra TV

Rape-fugees - Stay away!  Not welcome !!

>>  That's "Refugees" with 'rape' in front of it

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