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Sweden: An estimated 77% of rapes committed by a 2% Muslim male population

Video: "One million refugees: Despite Paris Merkel keeps borders open"

The Next News Network - Published on Nov 27, 2015

Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed on Wednesday to stick to her open-door refugee policy, defying criticism at home and abroad which has intensified due to growing fears about a potential security risk after the Islamist attacks in Paris. Conservative Merkel faces splits in her right-left coalition and pressure from EU states, including France, over her insistence that Germany can cope with up to 1 million migrants this year and that Europe must accept quotas to take them in.

It's time to fight back, people. See the following article.

Sweden: An estimated 77% of rapes are committed by a 2% immigrant Muslim male population – Crime statistics

Posted on March 19, 2015

The total Muslim population in Sweden is estimated at 4.4% (2013 figures). Out of that 4.4% and in deducting the women and children, we can roughly guesstimate that around 2% are male. The foreign rape figures at 77.6% Muslim has been anonymously confirmed by Swedish police in a phone conversation. The actual figure could be higher. These percentages do not include Muslims with Swedish citizenship contained within rapes in the figures categorized under “Swedish nationals”.

Graph translation: 
"Rape including gross 2011. Estimate based on the over representation: 1985-1989 and 1997-2001." 

Note: The Swedish 'grov' means brutish, crude, coarse - but here probably means 'for the whole of 2011'.
eg: gross earnings vs. net earnings after tax. "Gross" (grov) probably indicates the whole figure before delineations of classifications occur. The article continues...

Staggering rape and assault rape statistics from Sweden from 1985-89 and 1997-2001. Rape committed by Swedish born rapists (blue) were 22.4%. Foreign rapists represent 77.6% of all figures with a total of 5070 incidents [2011]. The statistics are divided into ‘normal’ or 'expected' representation (pink), over representation of what would be expected (red) at 3752, and unregistered migrants (orange) at 653 incidents.

Note: The blue bar graph of Swedish rapists include foreign born persons with Swedish citizenship. The statistics are only counted on citizenship, and not nationality.

Original source:

Please note: These figures are all pre-2015 when German Chancellor and EU puppet Angela Merkel opened Europe's borders to anyone from the Middle East or Africa who could make it to Europe by any means. After mid-2015, all of these problems became magnified 100-fold or even 1000-fold for Sweden.

The population of Sweden was less than 9.5 million in mid-2015. The tax burden to support the tsunami of immigrants was so unbearable that billions of krona annually (billions USD) have been loaned by Sweden from the EU banks to keep Sweden's social welfare systems operating. Good business for those banks, right? A total of 163,000 Africans and Arabs crossed the Swedish border from August to December of 2015 claiming refugee status.

What was the demographic of these "asylum seekers"? There were 125,000 Muslim men aged 18-40+ years, approximately 15,000 women and around 25,000 "unaccompanied children" aged 17 and under. A substantial percentage (up to 70%) of these "unaccompanied children" were adult males of 18-30 years old who said they were children, since asylum-seeking children receive many more benefits. Swedes accepted what these men said: "I am under 18 years old." Swedes are very naive! These men would later be named by Swedes as "bearded children". At last, the Swedes were prepared to look past the lies!

Consider this: If these people were true refugees, they would come as a family, surely?  Why was there only an approximate 10,000 families enter Sweden in 2015? Why did approximately 140,000 men (including "bearded children") arrive in Sweden without their wives and young ones? If not to find safety for their wives and children, what else motivated these people (mostly men) to specifically seek out Sweden as their final destination - after travelling through Italy or Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark - and not remain in any of these countries? They were very definitely seeking out Sweden, that is apparent. Why? Is it because Sweden pays full living costs, medical, dental, housing, and pays for educational opportunities when you get there? Was it because there are a lot of fair-skinned women, girls and boys walking around in public who were unveiled (burqa, hijab), showing their arms, legs and faces? ie: prostitutes. And upon seeing these "prostitutes" (target demographic for Muslim men is 10-14 year old girls, boys also for some cultures, eg: Pakistan, Afghanistan), they would proceed to rape them, beat them, piss in their mouths, and call them whores. Yes! This is the rape of children! The horrors are unimaginable.

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