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My father was a farmer... Humanity - Take back your land !!!

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My father was a farmer also. He was a huge rugged man with an enormous barrel chest and toughly muscled, to rival even Marcus! -  >> Obviously, not such 'targeted' muscling but work-related muscling in forearms and shoulders, etc. We got everything off the land when I was a young'un. It's an ideal way to live...

Russia has already written "The Homestead Act" into law (May 1, 2016) gifting its own people 1 hectare of free land per family, into perpetuity. Every government needs to do this for its people. Decentralisation is key. Local is key. Russia has outlawed GMOs and Monsanto. In the 1990s, the organic produce coming out of dachas (summer house garden plots) was the main thing that kept Russia from crashing economically - during perestroika. Much of that produce off small plots was actually exported to other countries. Please see ecologist Leonid Sharashkin on the economics of "homesteading" - 1 hectare of land per family, gifted freely by the govenment of the country. Please read more about "homesteading" aka "Kins Domain" and "Space of Love" in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Vladimir Megre (10 books so far). Here's a Facebook page I co-administrate and my blogs on the subject (below). Thanks. I hope people find this inspiring :)

Anastasia is the architect of this plan for the whole earth - conveyed by author, Vladimir Megre >>

These articles were published when the "Homestead Act" was still being debated in the Duma >>

Leonid Sharashkin's academic dissertation entitled:
- Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School at the University of Missouri–Columbia (May 2008) >>

My blog: "Humanity Take Back Your Land" - being a notification to humanity and a call-out to all people around the world to put pressure on their own governments to gift 1 hectare of free arable land to every native or naturalised family within the country to be used as a "Kins Domain" and handed on to descendents into perpetuity >>

My blog article giving some statistics about arable land available globally entitled: "Global over-population is a crock" >>

Please enjoy. Marcus ("The Golden One" on Facebook), I hope you see this comment and enjoy these links - adding to the global political and economics knowledge you already have. Thank you brother... True Friend :) xxo

Swedish weight lifter and educator - Marcus Follin

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