Monday 16 February 2015

Sign the Petition: Return Whistleblower Kids to their Russian Family!

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Petition to: "Return 'Whistleblower Kids' and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family!"  

Sign the petition here on ""

Alternative Petition link:

Please sign this petition.  Please feel free to copy my Statement or parts thereof when you sign this petition, and please Share your Statement back to Facebook.

Also please:
Request 25 of your most Awake friends to sign this petition - the option is given on "" after you sign.

We need 100,000 signatures right now so the processes can be put in place for these children to be returned to the care of their mother permanently !! Thanks.

Here's the statement that I added when I signed:

"It is no longer acceptable for people in positions of power to have their activities hidden. The police, court judges, and lawyers stand by and make up excuses that allow Child Sexual Abuse and Child Blood-letting cults to continue in Hampstead, London, and all over Britain for that matter. This is HIGHLY unacceptable.  It is TIME to EXPOSE the Elite People engaging in these activities, and send them away to jail for life.

"In cases where people in positions of power have been ORGANISING these "sex parties" and "ritual baby sacrifices", I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PERMANENT INCARCERATION which also may include castration or tubal ligation. Such a punishment would be a very good deterrent for anyone else tempted to continue such practices.

HARSH PENALTIES are called for. Those who commit such acts are NON-HUMAN "people" - those who cut the heads off babies and drink their blood. They look like "regular humans" who are walking around among us, but THEY ARE NOT.  They are interfering with the decent running of society. They have NO PLACE among us.

"I call for PERMANENT INCARCERATION and CASTRATION-TUBAL LIGATION for these non-human, look-like-human, evil, depraved, butchers of little babies, sex depraved creatures. They have NO REGARD if these little children bleed badly as they are being raped and sodomised. Innocent young children end up dying from the abuse and blood loss !!!
How can this be?? - in this day and age ??  STOP it NOW !!!

"Police, Lawyers, Judges...  STEP DOWN !!!

"Step down so that JUSTICE can prevail."

We are sick of the bullshit.  Please go to the petition linked here

Thank you.

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