Friday 13 February 2015

Britain's Elite SEX CRIMINALS to be UNCOVERED by NZ Maori Descendant

... What goes around comes around ...

In the 19th century, the British "Domain" and the "New Zealand Company" headed by the Wakefield brothers, were well-pleased to start colonising the islands of Aotearoa "New Zealand".

Dutchman Abel Tasman had "discovered" these islands some 200 years before (1642). For people who don't know our little country, New Zealand lies 2000 kms south-west of the 18th century English penal colonies of Tasmania and New South Wales in Australia.

"The Empire" was spreading. The local indigenous people of New Zealand, would be overwhelmed by the British and brought under subjugation, which they were brutally, and with much blood shed. All the goals of "Empire" were achieved in the decades to come.

So I find it VERY IRONIC now, that the Lords and Ladies of Britain, the Clergy, and MANY trusted people in English Public Service who have been committing the dirtiest of SEX CRIMES in Britain and abroad - including CHILD RAPE-SODOMY-MURDER, CHILD SACRIFICE and the SACRIFICIAL KILLING of LITTLE BABIES by KNIFE in English churches and the Darkest Sanctuaries of Britain - are now being FOUND OUT and BROUGHT TO TRIAL by the very people they chose to subjugate in the South Pacific during the 19th century - the NZ Maori.

Maori are a warrior race... this is well known in Aotearoa-New Zealand. This woman will NOT give up. She will NOT go away. She will upturn EVERY rock and boulder she finds in her path with a singular focus... This is in her blood. She won't let go !!  She will find out ALL PEDOPHILES within the upper echelons who have acted with utter impunity up until now, will find them, shame them, and sentence them to the utmost of the law.

Our prayers are with you Judge Lowell Goddard.

I pray for absolute strength, inner fortitude, wisdom, the ability and stalwart pigheadedness to go through all of this material case by case - a gruelling task for any man or woman to stand as the observer to all of these VILE atrocities committed by the BRITISH ELITE and thousands of others who stood on their coattails, over the last 40 years !!!

Omg.  This is going to take a particular sort of grit.  I've been looking at it for two DAYS !! and I already feel sickened to the stomach.

We pray for your safety. I hope you will be appointed a security detail to protect you and have trusted help in your home environment. I hope also that you have the wisdom to hire fellow expatriate Kiwis who have NO affiliations whatsoever to the "British establishment".

We all thank you for following your "life's course" that brings you to THIS Moment in Time - for all of humanity - To undo the brutal barbarisms of the Elite Roman classes who remained in Britain after c.400 AD and who have undoubtedly been committing buggery and other crimes against Children and The People ever since.

YOU will be undoing rituals upheld to this day, of both ancient Egypt and Babylon. May Easter/ Ishtar (when the rituals of baby sacrifice were held in ancient times) never find a place in the calendars of the world anymore.


We will no more KILL the BABY symbolically in churches while your High Priests carry out these rituals in ACTUALITY in the Secret Places of England, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland...  No more.

We will NOT uphold the SYMBOLS and Sanctities of the BABY-KILLERS any more.


Life Imprisonment.  Death Sentence.  You are garbage.  You are taking up "space" here on the Planet.
You and the Likes of YOU will BE NO MORE.  We eradicate you NOW !!!

Fallen Godless "angels" you are... YOU will walk NO MORE Upon the Earth.
Your Time has come.  Retribution is HERE !!

The Churches of Rome and England have had their day. They will be NO MORE.
The work you do Lowell Goddard, is Momentous.

Be strong Justice Lowell Goddard.
All of Aotearoa stands behind you extending our Strength and Prayers for the task at hand and your wellbeing.

Kia kaha !!  Arohanui !!

With much love and respect,

~ ALL the people of Aotearoa-New Zealand and the world,
We are with you.

Justice Goddard - HASC 11 Feb 15

Published on Feb 11, 2015

This pre-selection HASC hearing with Judge Goddard, proposed chair of the CSA inquiry, will be the last one that involves this select committee. Keith Vaz explained that 'as soon as a statutory inquiry is formed, parliament steps back to allow the statutory inquiry to do its work. 'However, he expressed the view that he was sure that the successor committee, formed after parliament is reassembled after the 7th May, will want to hear from Justice Goddard.

Please see New Zealand TV news items:

"Kiwi judge to head UK child sex abuse inquiry"
Thursday 5 Feb 2015

"Kiwi judge ready to run UK child sex case"
Thursday 12 Feb 2015
Video length:  0:00-0:52

New Zealand Judge To Chair Abuse Inquiry Justice Lowell Goddard

Published on Feb 5, 2015

Home Secretary Theresa May reveals the latest head of the troubled inquiry after the two previous chairs resigned.  New Zealand high court judge Justice Lowell Goddard has been named as the latest chair of the troubled child abuse inquiry.

Home Secretary Theresa May said in a statement to MPs that a new statutory inquiry will be established, meaning the current panel will be dissolved.  Current members have been encouraged to reapply for their roles, and the panel has been asked to produce a report on its work so far.

The terms of reference are also being looked at, meaning that the investigations could potentially go back beyond 1970.  However, Mrs May suggested the remit is unlikely to be extended beyond England and Wales

Lowell Goddard 'Today' 5th Feb 2015

Published on Feb 5, 2015

BBC Today interview with Lowell Goddard 5th February 2015.  New Zealand High Court judge Lowell Goddard has been named as the head of a new inquiry into historical child sex abuse in England and Wales.

The inquiry will have statutory powers and a new panel, Home Secretary Theresa May told the House of Commons.

Justice Goddard told Today: "This is an independent inquiry in every sense that such an inquiry should be".

"It's very important to remember that at the forefront of this inquiry ...are the survivors of child sexual abuse. Their views will inform the inquiry throughout and at the outset will be hugely beneficial in formulating the composition of the panel".

Allegations of child abuse Justice Lowell Goddard Eric Pickles Theresa May's statement
Published on Feb 5, 2015

The New Zealand judge appointed to be the third head of the troubled investigation into historical allegations of child abuse has confirmed that she will consider looking into cases as far back as 1945 and that the inquiry could last four years. Justice Lowell Goddard said there was a balance to be struck between the need for a thorough investigation and making it manageable and timely. But in radio interviews she confirmed that she would consider claims going back before 1970 – the cut-off point of previous inquiries. Goddard said: “I believe there are some persons involved in this who are survivors of abuse who would like to see it go back to the end of world war II and the beginning of the welfare state. The breadth of the inquiry is something that will need to be seriously discussed when I get to England. Clearly, people want to have the experiences they have suffered exorcised. It is a question too of making the inquiry manageable ... and outline the way forward in a relatively timely way. But I’m under no illusion that this will take several years.”

Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, has announced that he intends to take control of Rotherham council following the publication of a reporting saying it was more concerned about protecting its own reputation than its most vulnerable citizens. Subject to consultation, Pickles will appoint commissioners to take over the council. He will also order all-out elections for Rotherham in 2016. He told MPs: These exceptional circumstances justify Whitehall intervention, so we can make the council address its failings and prevent it from ever happening again ... The intervention package I am proposing is broad and wide ranging. It would be justified only in the most exceptional case. Rotherham is I believe such a case, a truly rare case where the children of Rotherham have so badly been let down by those elected to serve them. The crimes committed against children are so appalling, and the council’s remedy so utterly inadequate, that the government cannot in good conscience turn a blind eye.

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  1. Please, what is your Opinion of 'Kevin Annette's' efforts in Canada. Some of our people are holding judgment as he is former or still clergy, and some people died associated with his efforts. miigwech, and do not give up. Soon the 'Thunderbird Group' will be donating to yours and our 'seeking Justice'cause. Ricki Corbiere

    1. Hi there, Kevin seems legit. It's not unusual for truth-tellers and pedo-hunters in the vanguard to be hit with never-ending smear campaigns by the death cult members - Satanists; Molech/Baal child rape and sacrifice proponents. That's how it seemed to roll for Kevin, straight after he became public in telling the Canada Genocide story 2012.


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