Friday 20 February 2015

Sexual Occult #AbuseSurvivors Police Interview, September 11, 2014



I have no context for this video besides the date, September 11, 2014.

It sounds like it's at a police station as there are quite a few sirens that go off during the interview.

It looks like this is an Anonymous channel on vidme.  A LOT of video material is being taken off YouTube, people's blog sites are being taken down when they get too close to the truth.

If any videos disappear from off YouTube,  please enter combinations of the following words and any other Key Words you can think of, into the YouTube Search box:

Hampstead pedophile, paedophile, child sex abuse, #WhistleblowerKids #AbuseSurvivors, Christ Church Primary School Hampstead, baby killers, Nineth Circle Ritual Cult, February 2015, Feb 2015.

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