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PEOPLE Fighting Against Tyranny. Wouldn't you do the same?

This article was submitted by Deborah who lives in the UK. For the background to this story, please go to my other blog "The People's Disclosure". The article below follows on from the first articles Deborah sent me. Links have been added on these titles... Please click on these and you will be redirected. Thank you.

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Opinion: Iranian migrant to the UK Deborah talks about Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Liberation Front. For an in depth background to Deborah's perspective go to the first four links above. Thank you.

Deborah's story begins...

I strongly feel the Rajavis and the Iranian Liberation Front (ILF) are of special significance to all Muslim people. I was led to them after having a dream of Prophet Mohammed and later, reading the Qu'ran. 

Massoud and Maryam Rajavi are amazing and wonderful people who have devoted their whole lives to the cause of Universal Law for their people, which is delivered by the TRUE Islam that lives always with new knowledge. 

Maryam lost one sister to the Shah's regime - executed for "communist" beliefs and another sister was executed by Khomeni's regime - she was pregnant at the time of her execution. 

It is because of such actions from Khomeni's regime, that I disliked Islam so much, but Prophet Mohammed, bless him and the Rajavis, showed me the truth. Yes, it is beautiful because of the harmony of being it affords to reality. 

I should explain here that Massoud Rajavi (who later became Mayam's husband), was the leader of the original Revolutionary Front against the Shah (1967-  ).

Please go to this Source for an in depth background to the ILF

Massoud was often forced to flee into exile during the Shah's regime. On one of these times he found refuge with a Sufi Mullah, who taught him 12 points of Islam. These are like stepping-stones that lead people out of the past and into the present so to build a brighter future. 

When he later met with Maryam, it was those 12 points that helped him realise that Islam DOES give women their full and equal rights.

Maryam was eventually voted leader of the Iranian Liberation Front in exile. Their membership comprised equally of both men and women as did their small army that was forced to defend its position on the Iraqi border.

The Rajavis were forced to flee when Khomeni arrived, along with his armed and ruthless, "revolutionary-guard". It is estimated that 250,000 Iranian "dissidents" were executed during that period, Maryam's sister included.

+ + +

The ILF were not a terrorist organisation. Their mission was not to bomb people. Instead, they campaigned and lobbied our MPs for support - not just in Britain but throughout the EU. 

Their calls fell on deaf ears. 

I joined the ILF demonstrations and attended their conferences in London and abroad, travelling to Germany, USA and to France for the Iran vs. USA World Cup.

Rarely did the ILF or the Rajavis receive more than the odd paragraph in mainstream news. The World Cup match at Lyon France was a prime example to us all... 

There were about 30,000-50,000 of us Rajavi supporters who had arrived. We were all wearing bright yellow t-shirts with a picture of either Maryam or Massoud Rajavi on them, but match-goers were being asked to take their t-shirts off by French Security at the match - otherwise, they were refused entry!

We hid our T-shirts as news quickly spread and once inside, we put them on and spread out our TRUE Iranian flags which we also, had to smuggle in. 

The only flags allowed into the football stadium were Khomeni's 'new' Iranian flag. WE were later accused by the media of using football to enforce a political message. What did the media think Khomeni was doing then?

Once the game started, the whole Iranian side of the stadium was FILLED with yellow t-shirts and the crowd waving the original Iranian flags. French security began trying to snatch the flags off us but it proved an impossibility, so they just gave up - our side of the stadium was lined with security standing facing the crowd.

The USA side was quite empty as almost ALL the USA supporters had come to join us and they were waving USA flags alongside ours. 

That match was the ONLY match shown on TV that showed NO shots of the crowd and they had turned the sound of the crowd right down. TV attention on the crowd focused on a small delegation of Iranian Mullah's and dignitaries in one small corner of the arena.

"98: The most politically charged game in World Cup history"
- website "Four Four Two"

 Please go to the Source - A great read !!!

It seemed very odd to me at the time, that the media was quite happy to give LOTS of publicity to Khomeni and his antiquated version of Islam that oppressed women and killed people - even had taken USA hostages, but they would give NONE to the Rajavi's and THEIR interpretation of Islam that lives with 20th and 21st century knowledge. 

Both sides are Muslim so WHY not give equal publicity to both? 
- WHY only to one and NOT the other?

I think today we KNOW why:

The Western powers needed a new "monster" to keep their war-industry profits rising and its beneficiaries in power and control. 

The true Islam FORBIDS banking usury and facilitates a "Socialist" or an Ubuntu-type society under the beneficence of  ~

Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion

Maryam Rajavi continues to campaign for her people's rights to live as 21st century Muslims. 

Massoud Rajavi's whereabouts is unknown. He is presumed dead. The ILF were targeted and attacked by the "coalition" [of Western soldiers and US government-contracted Private Military Companies, PMCs] when they invaded Iraq.

Deborah's story is continued below...

                                          Massoud Rajavi
                     Source : "Massoud Rajavi"                                     Source : "Stop Fundamentalism"


Born in Tabas, Iran in 1947, Massoud Rajavi earned a degree in political science from Tehran University. It was early in his life that he became involved in discussions on religion, history and revolutionary theory, shaping his interpretation of Islam, and thus influencing the views of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI), when he became a member in 1967. After joining, Rajavi soon became member of the Central Committee and was considered leadership within the organization.

In 1971, Rajavi, along with all PMOI founders and Central Committee, were arrested and sentenced to death by the secret police and domestic security and intelligence service established by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi; the SAVAK. Rajavi escaped execution thanks to efforts by his brother, Dr. Kazen Rajavi, and several international bodies. He was freed from prison seven years later, as a result of the 1979 revolution against the Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Following his release, Massoud Rajavi resumed his role as a leader of the PMOI and spoke for the creation of a democracy, defending the rights of the people of Iranian Kurdistan against dual oppression by the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Shah of Iran. His candidacy for the Iranian presidential election was vetoed by the Khomeini in 1980; the reason being that he had opposed the national referendum on Iran’s new constitution, which proposed a theocratic government.

Following defeat, Rajavi’s attention was turned to the creation of another organization that pulled together political organizations in opposition to the regime. He announced the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) on July 29, 1981. Meant as a democratic alternative to the religious, terrorist dictatorship, members of the United States Congress signed a statement in support of the council in 1992, stating:
“...the time has come for the free world to form a common front against fundamentalism with those fighting for peace and democracy against the Iranian regime. In announcing a specific program and determining responsible policies vis-a-vis recent international developments, the National Council of Resistance, led by Mr. Massoud Rajavi, has demonstrated that it is determined and able to contribute to peace and stability in this sensitive region....”

Massoud Rajavi’s efforts have since been concentrated on the Council, and his trusted handling of NCRI affairs led to the development of this council to the longest lasting democratic formation of opposition groups and personalities, that later elected Maryam Rajavi, as the future President of Iran in August 1993.


Deborah's story continues...

The voice of true Muslim people is crushed and our media shines its spotlights on the extremists, as if these are every Muslim's true identity and belief. 

The wars are designed to bury the living child of Islam in favour of sticking with traditional ways and beliefs and actually, IGNORING new knowledge. This really, is to ignore the advice of the Qu'ran. 

It is for this exact same reason, the questioning of old ways, that Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to a punishment of 1,000 lashes. The punishment has now, mercifully been suspended on medical grounds after international outcry.

Tracy Urgent: Flogging sentence for Raif Badawi to start tomorrow. Friday, January 9, 2015


SEE - signing the petitions DOES help.
It has spared this man the Torture of going through 20 weeks of 50 lashes.


Facebook:  "Stand"
Brian Pellot  for freedom of expression and religious freedom

Deborah continues:

More people need to be aware of the TRUE Islam and its message to humanity. Light Being is with Islam and Muslim people, and perhaps experiences like mine and so many others, are also to help confirm and strengthen all the good people's faith in the good heart of every religion.

Because what is 'God' if not LOVE

We all know what love is - We all need it, we all desire to be loved, and to love...  

Love is Universal.  

-  It's a bit like money... because it doesn't matter what our faith or class or culture, we all trade via the same medium don't we?

Money does not demand that every people and every faith be the same and neither does Universal Law. The beauty of Universal Law is that it supports our natural diversity in a harmonious way. We are not offended by our differences but delighted with the variety.

What is the point of Light Being experiences and communications with Higher Consciousness if NOT to guide humanity toward a higher state of consciousness and awareness? 

And how can we reach a higher level of being, without embracing a fair and balanced law for ALL?

Islam needs our help. The Muslim people are suffering dreadfully. 

Give Maryam Rajavi the recognition and publicity she deserves. 

Her voice and those of her followers, are voices that need to be heard above the din of "ISIS".  
It is the difference between the voice of sanity and the voice of confusion.

National Council of Resistance of Iran
"Mrs. Maryam Rajavi's speech in gathering of 90,000 Iranians in Paris
Sunday June 21, 2009
"The breaking down of the Supreme Leader's masquerade, the raging war of the wolves, the million-strong uprisings complete with the chants of “death to dictator” and the disintegration of the decadent regime is the start of an irreversible era, which has set the wheels in motion against the regime in its entirety in favor of a democratic solution.
"This is the new era of resistance for freedom. This carries the promise of the great spring for the Iranian people, and the beginning of the end of the velayat-e faqih regime. It heralds the victory of Iran's democratic and victorious revolution." - Maryam Rajavi

Deborah continues...

We all need to make a CHOICE because Higher Intelligence does not want or need slaves.

The decision to embrace the beneficence of Universal Law must be of our own free-will and established on the firm facts of our true faith in what we KNOW.

Certainly, many today know very well what we don't want or need and that is a good place to define what it is, we really need in life.

No matter what shape or form we arrive into life in, we are all equal in our eternal, quantum-energy light-being.

Accepting the truth of this Universal reality is one of the first steps in achieving and benefiting from Higher Consciousness. 

+ + + 

Can Higher Consciousness be happy in a lawless, unfair and imbalanced world?

What humanity needs now is  Unconditional Love

Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion

Human, Animal and Earth RIGHTS.

Rise UP for them. 

Much love & Light,


Universal Oneness, Cultivating Compassion and Repairing our Severed Connections with One Another and the Environment

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:
"A human being is part of the whole called by us 'universe', a part of time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Charter For Compassion:

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