Saturday, 5 January 2013

What's with this sh** ?? Haven't we figured it out yet ?? Say "NO"

Country Joe & the Fish -- Vietnam song  (1969)

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011
C'est un groupe former de Country Joe Mcdonal et Bary Melton (surnom√© Fish). Il sont connu pour leur pr√©sentation au Woodstock avec "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag" mais aussi pour leur engagement contre la guerre au vietnam (60 - 70)

2013...    Time to figure this sh** out !!!  Say "NO" !!!  

Wall Street makes a shit load of money from YOU saying "Yes" to killing other people...  

Foreign or Domestic !!!

Don't do it any more    : (

It's just plain wrong.

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  1. Man... can you hear the yelling and cheering all through the final chorus of this song ??? These young people get up on their feet... now our mums and dads and grandparents... COZ THEY KNEW IT WAS FREAKIN' TRUE !!!

    Uncle Sam just wants the kids as canon fodder... to carry through on some politial or economic agenda. It went on all through the 1960's, the 1990's and now since 2002. It's just too bad about the Moms getting their boys back home in a box... but look !! You got a flag didn't ya !!! ??? Gee whizzy, wickedy howdy doo !! Sheeesh... a feckin' flag... in place of my lovely young man : (

    It's all a bit piss poor, isn't it ?? :-/

    It's high time we stopped this trade in HUMAN LIFE. Say "NO".


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