Sunday, 27 May 2018

Britain Makes it ILLEGAL To Report On Tommy Robinson In Prison

"This is what they did in Stalin's Soviet... They would come and take people in the middle of the night off to the gulags, and nobody would ever hear from them again - just gone! And this is now what is happening in the UK in 2018." - Peter Sweden

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PeterSweden - Published on May 26, 2018

Freedom of the press in the UK is gone!

"I had to flee the UK... the police were looking for me. Now my parents have had to flee the UK as well... death threats from Antifa, and my parents' dog was poisoned.

"The UK is throwing the sledgehammer down on any dissenting opinions... You should be worried - They go after these people first, then they come after you, next!

"Let the world know the truth. This is not ok. Freedom is non-negotiable. This is tyranny. This is tyranny. This is police state. It has to stop.This is not acceptable in 2018. What kind of country are you living in when someone is arrested and gets thrown in jail, and you're not allowed to report on it!"  - Peter Sweden

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As you look at these links, please note the high numbers of video deletions and linked article removals there are. This is UK censorship, supported by YouTube, Google, et al, whose m.o. is to hide this information from the public. This is why I copy-pasted video descriptions... because I realized at the time that the videos themselves would likely be removed. At least we have the descriptions of what was removed:

Wednesday 4 March 2015 UPDATE from Sabine K. McNeill... Still in EXILE !!
CAFCASS (social services) ABDUCT children from UK families !!
UK social services kidnapping children for trafficking for profit and paedophiles WAKEUP
UK Authorities KNEW about Satanic Ritual Abuse all along... !!!!
Anonymous stand in the breach. Last day "Fact Finding" hearing. 12-3-15
Children Screaming: UK’s family courts !! Conference lifts lid on injustices
English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!
Who can get Megan back for us? Child abducted by UK "authorities".
Ham&High: Royal Court Orders Media Blackout of Mass Murder Cover-up
UK: Who is JUDGING the Judges? Who is AUDITING the Police?
Original PETITION Message. #WhistleblowerKids and #AbuseSurvivors
MSM #FakeNews narrative being thrown at the uniformed about #PizzaGate
Canon Law: Why have British Family Courts embraced Vatican Canon Law ?
Sabine McNeill followed EU Directives - UK Authorities did not !!
Alisa and Gabriel OPEN COURT HEARING, LONDON RCJ at 9:30am. Protest.
UK JUDGES: It's all talk. They walk the razor's edge so we won't riot !!!
April 2015. Cheshire UK dad speaks out: Kids ABUSED in Cafcass "care"
One UK child ILLEGALLY taken from their home every 20 minutes. 2016
July 23, 2015 Custody hearing for Hampstead's Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva
SAVE the #WhistleBlowerKids from their father and #MindControl dangers
Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!
Hampstead: Barnet police were surrounded by evidence !!
EXCELLENT Interview with Ella and Abe. July 9, 2015. Many proofs !!
Timeline: Hampstead Ritual Child Sex and Ritual Baby-Killing Cult
EU: The Babylonian Harlot riding 'the beast'. The 'Justice' system.
July 25, 2015. Chris Everard & Sonya van Gelder: History of Satanic Cults
No commentary. Just the facts ma'am... Just the facts. Silence is golden.
JUDGE PAUFFLEY'S VERDICT: "Fact Finding" hearing RCJ March 2015
Summary: The #WhistleblowerKids story. What's happened so far?
The Demon speaks. London Aug 6, 2015. Based on aTrue Story by Drifloud
Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh
Why KILL BABIES? What DRIVES them? Hampstead Coverup

Video: Satanic Child Sacrifice & SRA On Christmas Exposed
TruthRadioShow - Published on Dec 23, 2016

Satanic Child Sacrifice & SRA On Christmas Exposed Dan Bidondi Exposes the massive child (SRA) Satanic/Sexual Ritual Abuse & Sacrifice done during the Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice Season.

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