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Q - THE ANON CREED @GrandTorino original version

INFINITY CURVE - Published on Apr 22, 2018

+++++++++ Q +++++++++++ with acknowledgement & thanks to Q & the might Chans.  #WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots' Soapbox Stream 


This is it. The moment we've been waiting for. The last weeks were a rapid-fire of information that rocked the unwoken from their slumber. They now pay attention. They are ready for what is coming. The Mother Of All Information Bombs will be upon us next week, and we are ready. 

Before troops are sent into the fray, they are put into a state of readiness. Q, with his latest crumbs, did just that - specifically asked us anons to standby for the blast. To keep our memes and truth-bombs at the ready, polished and perfected. This is the reason Q is even here with us, to guide us towards what we do best, and that is - to spread truths and ideas. 

Remember how it was five years ago? Do you remember the sense of hopelessness as the Establishment was peeling away our rights, our lives, our futures? Do you remember how the World began to turn into a police state? How Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, all of the tech giants strangled our freedom, our ideas and our everyday life? 

How they rewarded those who were willing to discard it all for the momentary comfort of getting a few likes on a photo? We were fighting back then, too. In a different way - we were always a force that has had as it's core purpose the upsetting of the Status Quo. We were the counter-culture. We were the uncontrollable, the unwanted, the strangers, the weird ones. Those in power did all they could to make us into losers, creating label after label to categorize us as the worst of the worst. We, however, were always the Barbarians, the Nomads of the Internet. We never allowed ourselves to be controlled, we roamed the networks, moving from place to place, free from influence. Until they intervened. Until they made the Internet so small as to literally make it impossible for us to not join their sick game. 

What did we do? We did what we always did when our territories were encroached upon. We raided. We invaded their precious little safe-spaces, destroying their carefully maintained normalcy and leaving behind only our war-marks on the walls. Many a website was left in tatters, never to recover, after anons were roused from their comfort and irritated. Back then, we were the top of the Internet food-chain. We were Anonymous, the Internet Hate Machine. 

They tried to wrest that from us. They thought that with the advent of Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and other centralized services, they would take complete control of the message, with free thought snuffed out. We had to retreat to our fatherlands, to the imageboards, outnumbered and outgunned, but that will soon end. 

You see, Q needs us for the thing we're best at - invading safe-spaces. Our mission is to invade them and leave behind incontrovertible truth that was given unto us as crumbs to decipher. We now await the mother of all drops to begin our assault. We are prepared and standing by. 

I ask of you then, my battle-brothers and battle-sisters: are you ready? Are you ready to wrest control from the Cabal and years of indoctrination? Are you ready to flood the Internet with light, to make the truth known and to destroy decades of lies that were put in everyone's heads? Are you ready to free your fellow men and women? Are you ready to, once again, raid, invade and destroy for the good of mankind? 

Because THIS IS IT. The moment we've been waiting for, for some of us all their lives. Answer the call, become the hivemind once again and let us lay waste on centuries of lies. 

There will be no quarter given. There will be no inch given. There will only be the Truth, for the Truth will set us free. 


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