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RUSSIA railway and super highway being built London to New York, NY USA.

Article (UK): Russia unveils plans for high speed railway and superhighway to connect Europe and America

Wednesday 25 March 2015
Jon Stone @joncstone

“This is an inter-state, inter-civilization, project.”
- Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways

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How I love Vladimir Putin !!!   Very forward thinking.  Chess master.

Article: "Vladimir Putin signs law offering free land in Russia's Far East" - for Russian families. One hectare of land per family. Published 4 May 2016.

This is some of the reason why Putin wants this super highway built all the way to Chukotka (obviously to connect to North America as well) - because the Russian Far East, with its new shipping port in Vladivostok, is becoming a highly economically advanced region... In the next 10 years, so much produce and created items will be coming out of Russia's Far East never seen before at any time in its history - only in distant history maybe ??  when the mammoths walked in a lush sub-tropical forest c.10,000 BCE.

115256 Russian families have applied for their free land to date. More applications are received all the time as Russians hear about the offer, and as they make plans to move all the way across the country.
38866 applications have been granted.
76390 applications are still being processed.

September 2018 Economic Forum. Things are definitely moving along very fast!

What really needs to happen of course is for Mike Waters (BEM 2013) to hurry up and finish his VTOL !! I was on the team for a while in 2015 for promotions and social media. Please see the amazing full description on this video on YouTube.

      Vision VTOL Quadcopter

uniphi100 - Published on Jan 26, 2016

The Vision VTOL is designed specifically for the imminent evolution of electric power storage and energy breakthroughs. This is an area that we have been working very closely with for years at the cutting edge. Transportation is about to take a massive leap forward. 

Current Lithium batteries are the only remaining limit to range and cost of electric vehicles. At the same time a quiet revolution in aviation has occurred. There are now more quadcopters and multirotors flying than any other type of aircraft. The only reason why full size electric multirotors are not practical yet is because of range. 

Electric motors are inevitably more reliable than turbines or piston engines by nature with only one moving part. The simplicity of electric quadcopters is that there is no need for control surfaces, wings, fuel systems or other limitations of conventional aircraft. The electronic controls, software and sensors are the same for a drone, single seat or flying home and already fully developed. This enables a huge advantage over current aviation in safety, cost, reliability and scalability. 

At only 4 times current Lithium polymer density, the Vision becomes practical with a 4 hour range. We are working with 30 times current density and storage life expectancy. This allows transcontinental range at high speed and will inevitably make electric aviation by far the most practical form of transportation. 

Imagine a car with a 10,000 mile range. Now imagine what that really means. With a similar advance in electric aviation, roads and even airports can become almost obsolete. 

The Vision is the beginning of a new breed of transportation that is specifically designed for ultra long range electric power and storage - point to point transportation with unprecedented safety and luxury. First designed over 10 years ago, all technologies required are now fully developed. 

Welcome to the future.

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And then after amazing quad-copter technology comes this:


Excerpt from January 4, 2011

I met with an American physicist today through a series of "co-incidences". I took the above material about this bio-resonant system with me to the meeting and more info. that i'd written down that I can only consider 'channelled'. It was very 'sciency' info. and I couldn't understand it, but he did.

The retired physicist began to sweat and shake as he was reading my Bio-mat dream, the relevant passages from Book 1 of The Ringing Cedars of Russia: "Anastasia" and the channelled material. After around 20 minutes of reading, heating up and sweating profusely he said: "I know how to make this."  Wow... The papers I gave him were then taken to Princeton University in the USA. Bio-mat is on its way... You can see Princeton developing the Bio-mat-aerial programme in various of its courses: In the Aviation Department in 2011, in the Biology department in 2015, and so on.

Bio-mat is still waiting to be manifest. I doubt very much that Black Ops military and the Secret Science program will be able to develop it because it will only grow when the 'correct' intentions are directed towards it. It won't allow itself to be developed for money/commercial reasons nor for purposes that would harm other people.

We are at the edge of becoming a galactic civilisation. As we open ourselves more and more to understand Bio-mat (bio-resonant) technology, we (humanity) will open ourselves to the reality of Who we are... Co-creators living in an infinite multidimensional universe   : )

- BronnyNZ

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