Friday, 11 May 2018

Q Anon LARP: UniRock2 unpacks Q LARP on Livestream. Watch from 2:00:20

BronnyNZ: I listened to this at 1am-3am today, but clearly it was too late (early) to put up a blog post when I heard it. Here it is, first thing this morning. Enjoy... And please share. Facebook removed me permanently this morning *gutted*  - I now depend on the good grace of my readers who are still on Facebook to keep sharing my articles. Thanks so much, in advance.

During this Livestream @ 2:00:20 UniRock simultaneously unpacks the Q psyop based on the Murk Murk email sitting unseen in his mailbox for a couple of days. All of this happened in real time during this epic 4-hour Livestream that UniRock did yesterday. ie: UniRock didn't know what was coming next. There were quite a few surprises in there for him... 

Excellent citizen's journalism - off the cuff, real time reporting, with reactions and commentary. Awesome stuff. It's much worth the 2-hours listen. #TruthBombs all the way through. Great to watch, hear, and reason our way through with UniRock in this video. Absolute Gold !!


UNIRock2 - Streamed live on May 10, 2018

twitter anons release the digital trail of the people behind the qanon phenomenon several times, while we are live

BronnyNZ: Here's my starting point > "Lift the veil" video that I found first - Published May 10, 2018 - only 18,314 views currently. Ie: You're an early starter. LTV points the way to UniRock who had received an email from Murk Murk, but hadn't opened it yet. Congruously, UniRock just found the Murk Murk email only 1-2 hours before I got to his Livestream - linked on the image above and in the title, with only 7,543 views currently.

LTV talks a lot of sense. Please pay particular attention @ around 18:35-21:21

Video: "'Q' is fake" - "Baker" Comes Clean #QAnon #CBTS

Lift the Veil
Published on May 10, 2018

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