Friday, 11 May 2018


Facebook is mentally unwell... My secondary "rabbit" account was just deleted in this last hour !!!  Unbelievable !!

I kept getting on via l.facebook, m.facebook and reinstating a back-up account i've had sitting there for a couple of years - and then they finally figure out i'm back on and delete my accounts.

Am I such a danger on Facebook ??  Seriously ??  I must be producing some pretty good shit then !!  My latest violations ???  - Showing everyone how Q is fake.  Go to 2 hours on this video... by UniRock.

Everything has been fine on Facebook for the last 10 days until I started saying Q was fake. Why? Why !!!  Why is Facebook so invested in keeping the Q psyops going? Is Facebook earning a shit-load of revenue as well, monitoring Facebook users for their opinions of Q ????  - and then selling that information on !!!  Think about it. What are the benefits to Facebook of keeping "Q" going?

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