Sunday, 13 May 2018

#QAnon & Cicada 3301 Exposed? w/ Defango & Cicada Members

Lift the Veil
Published on May 8, 2018

BronnyNZ: Cool show LTV. Thanks for being "the space" for this conversation to happen.

Summary: Defango got played by Thomas Schoenberger in Florida. Defango is pissed off that "Fox" is clearly such a super-friend to Thomas (musician, aged 58) who ripped Defango off !! Fox keeps letting Thomas off the hook and makes excuses for him! Fox is clearly emotionally damaged and in denial. You can see this in all the fawning, blame and apology games she plays. "Change the topic" and "shift the spotlight off her" tactics are heavily employed all through the group interview. This makes her extremely manipulative - psychologically very imbalanced. In her eyes, through her particular damaged lens, "poor older man" Thomas Schoenberger is above reproach. We all know that Thomas Schoenberger is a twisted manipulator... Defango has said it before, and Fox even says it in this interview. Regarding QAnon - the idea came out of Cicada 3301. What happened to QAnon after its inception in October 2017, none of these people except Defango, know piss-all about.

Bottom line: The QAnon idea came out of Cicada 3301, but none of these idiots ever had anything to do with running it! How could have they? - Too much in-fighting, mistrust, bad blood... Uncoordinated as hell !!

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