Thursday 3 March 2016

PUTIN asks America: "Are you for ISIS, or are you against ISIS?"

President of Russia Vladimir Putin. © Michael Klimentyev

Putin: Syrian truce is real chance to end bloodshed [Full statement]

Published time: 22 Feb, 2016 21:01Edited time: 22 Feb, 2016 21:44

Please read this article and allow the implications to dawn upon you...
Published 22-2-2016 (magic number 2-22)

Putin is now asking the question of America:
"Are you against ISIS-ISIL or are you for it ??"

Ref:  All the George W. Bush rhetoric from 2001 9/11 saying "If you're not for us, you must be against us," around the US-led allied (NATO) invasion of IRAQ in 2003 - even though it was actually the SAUDI ARABIAN hand that had been behind 9/11.

How is America - the #UShegemony - now going to get out of this brilliantly played CHECK MATE  ?? !!  ;)  (Putin is a chess master)

Answer:  They can't. America will now show the game THEMSELVES that they have been playing in the middle east for the last FIFTEEN YEARS !!!

Well executed Mr Putin !!
Thank you  :)

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