Thursday 3 March 2016

The RUSSIAN BEAR has broken the BALD EAGLE'S back !!

Source                                                                     Caption: Look here baldy... Don't push your luck!

These images were published on Wednesday March 3, 2016.

OMG !!   "... on Earth as it is in Heaven..."

ie: You will see manifested on the 'earthly' plane what's actually happening in the 'etheric' plane - the unseen realms of energy, the place where 'hidden hands' do dodgy dealings, the symbolism of outcomes not yet revealed publicly...

The Russian Bear = Alaskan bear since Alaska used to belong to Russia, has just broken the back of the American bald eagle, and America will now lie in its death-flailings while the Russian bear stands by impassively.

The photographer said: "The bear never actually killed the eagle, I think the talon in the face ended the attack. The eagle was broken up and other than flopping around occasionally, just lay there for many hours. I believe its back was broken."   
- Fred O'Hearn

For any of you who want freedom from the #UShegemony that currently rules Earth's affairs, please share this on social media.

Secondary source:

I don't think 'The Mail Online' has any idea of the power of what it's just published... At the core of this post is the power of the "Science of Imagery" that Anastasia talks about. All that humanity needs to do now is share this image, and the end of the #UShegemony (ie: Corporate control of the world) is utterly inevitable.

Please become part of the Collective Effort to 

put these images out into the whole world.

The DEFEAT of the CABAL is imminent !!!

Caption: Nup... I'm not buying all your balone about ISIS baldy !!  Bugger off !!

Caption:  Oh good... Now 'baldy' is going to sit by while his mate the Turkey takes a pot-shot

Caption:  Oh well... At least you're safe now, baby Syri (-a)... I gave that baldy plenty of warning !!

         Wow... VERY INTERESTING !!

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