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Karen Hudes update: The "Global Currency Reset". Feb 6, 2016

Germany to Break off US Alliance if Federal Reserve Not Ended *** Karen Hudes

Published on Feb 6, 2016

Transcript notes:

1:00  Host Qu:  What are you focussing on?  What stage are we at for the global currency reset?

1:45  Karen:  We are right on track. Just look at what Germany is doing re: its alliance with the United States. We know that Germany is going to break off its alliance with the United States if we (the US) doesn't kick out the Federal Reserve, which is a private bank.

3:40  The US dollar is something quite different from the Federal Reserve note.  The Federal Reserve note is unconstitutional.

4:20 At the centre of this super-entitiy is the Bank for International Settlements - which is 60 private central banks. All of those banks are working together as one entity.

4:45  That super-entity owns the media, including 80% at least of the so-called "alternative media" on the internet. So people are not getting an accurate picture of what's going on.

5:00  Qu:  How and who is going to make that call to get rid of the (US) Federal Reserve?

5:05  Karen:  It's already decided. It will be done by a coalition which was predicted by a very powerful analytical tool that was developed in the (US) Department of Defence in 2004.  This tool predicts how coalitions are formed - that's what the BRICS are. There are 144 countries in this coalition. They work together with people in the United States who understand what a scam this paper currency is. This is the coalition who is taking down the FED. It is centred at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

6:35  There is a battle between the "coalition" and the network of Global Corporate Control.

7:30  The coalition have already 'taken out' the FED and the Bank of International Settlements.

8:45  Karen: How did all these bonds end up never-the-less back into this Trust - the Global Debt Facility?

9:20  80% of what you're looking at in the alternative media is disinformation...  Any time you hear a story about the 'red' or the 'green' or whatever color 'dragon', that is CIA disinformation.

11:45  The gold belongs to the nations. There is no gold 'monetary gold' in Fort Knox. It's in this Trust. I offered General Dempsey the monetary gold reserves of the US. This told everyone that he was not a 'White Knight'. He was working for the network of Global Corporate Control.

14:00  Qu:  What's going to happen to cash over this next year?

14:15  Karen:  You have to get together and make sure there is a local currency for your area. It creates employment and a vibrant currency.  (On the individual level): Get some precious metals, so if there is no smooth transition, you will still be able to buy what you need to survive.

17:45  Our elections are a joke.

18:15  The professions are all there to perpetuation this scam - lawyers, journalists, accounting...

19:00  The States are not giving you your Title once you've finished paying off your mortgage. We are under military rule.  It's not the President.  It's the highest ranked General in the U.S.

20:20  We are in 'inter regnum'.  They are all part of the scam.

20:55  Qu: Who is running it? Who is at the core?

21:15  Karen:  It's all being run by the network of Global Corporate Control. Everything's being 'staged'.

21:50  Qu: The UN?  Is this at the centre of control?

22:40  Karen: It's the coalition for the "rule of law" on the Board of Governors of the World Bank and the IMF.

23:20  Qu: Do you foresee the new system as being good?

23:40  Karen: It depends on two things -  (1) Protection for whistleblowers, (2) Are people going to wake up and be on the ball. The most important thing they need to do is to stop trusting the experts!

26:10  I'm looking to see whether Germany is moving into the BRICS, and the answer is:  Yes they are.  Germany is the fourth biggest investor in the BRICS Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

27:20  Most of the gold is physically located in the Philippines.

26:20  Germany and the U.S. will help the AIIB in the Global Currency Reset.


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