Thursday 10 March 2016

March 2016 Nibiru update: The Nibiru System is getting nearer.

This is more-or-less what I saw this morning in my dream. The sky was bluer and the chemtrail bands were much wider... like a tartan kilt. And the second part of my dream confirmed what the first dream of the chemtrails alluded to.


Early this morning I dreamt of wide stripes of chemtrails crossing over in the sky, over New Zealand. We have been very fortunate here to have not experienced heavy chemtrailing before, unlike so many other countries. We have been chemtrailed a little in the past here... I've seen some photos, but not like the striping in my dream. In my dream, I became so angry with our Prime Minister John Key that I vowed to kill him !! This did not happen in my dream at all, because I was somehow way-layed in a bathroom discussing my anger with some other women!  :D  Lol... Dreams huh?  But I know in my dream, all NZ'ers could now see that John Key is just puppet of his American masters... and John Key had allowed those corporations/ mafia bosses to poison our atmosphere. We were extremely cross. All New Zealanders could see the truth of who John Key is... so it was a good day in fact, not a bad one, from that point of view.

The dream must have continued as I returned back to sleep in the early hours of this morning... When I woke up, the word and the image in my mind was "Nibiru". The Nibiru system is very near. I 'saw' it in my half-sleep half-awake state as a huge dully glowing white orb that stood there in a blue sky. It took up a good chunk of the sky...  much, much bigger than the moon... eg: 5-10 times as big as the moon in appearance ?? In fact, the planet will still be very far away from us at its closest to the earth, but because of its immense size, it will appear very close to us. So don't panic if it appears huge and close. That's simply because it is huge... much huger than you or I could imagine right now, but it will be very far away  : )  I don't think it will get here for another year or two... but it's definitely on its way.


I've had two other significant dreams before about Nibiru. One dream was to indicate the season (month) which was between mid-November to early February.  The second dream was of seeing the two "suns" setting in my urban environment... Two huge orange glowing balls going down. Ie: Everybody is going to witness this phenomena, all over the world.

I noticed this morning after my dream that I am 'feeling' its presence now (that's different compared to 5 years ago when I had my first dream), rather than just depending on my eyes... watching video, reading articles, and watching the skies. This 'feeling' is the same as you get, when you "just know" that somebody is watching you. That's the feeling. I also have the (physical) feeling that Nibiru (the outer planet of the Nibiru brown dwarf star system) is a hollow "planet". I don't feel as strong a gravitational pull from it as I would have expected... so I don't think it's solid. Therefore, it could come quite close to earth (eg: closer to us than Venus or Mars) and we will not be perturbed by it. Many commentators are expecting the worst. I'm not so sure now... I certainly have more of a feeling of benevolent ET contact such as the Blue Avians Corey Good talks about, or the 7th-9th dimensional Arcturians i've had experience with. So this makes me think "orb" rather than "planet".

The final video at the end provides some excellent explanations from a scientist who knows how to break down all the information for people with no astro-physics degree, like you and me  : )

In summation: Humanity still needs to prepare for the days ahead - So store water and buy seed. Some commentators say the passing of the seven planets in the Nibiru system as it goes past earth, will not cause as much cataclysmic devastation compared to what it's done in the past. Please go to 1:07:00 on the second video below with Bob Evans. I've added a bunch of shorter videos below as well. These are very compelling in making a case to the affirmative, that there is something out there.

All we can do is: Prepare.  Take some very simple steps...  Store drinking water. Buy seeds. Buy dry foodstuffs (lentils, rice and so on), get a camping cooker, a charcoal-fired barbecue or collect wood for outdoor cooking. You'll need matches/lighters, candles, garden solar lights you can bring inside at night for lighting, a spade to dig with to plant your gardens as all supply-chains for food will cease, cloth nappies/diapers, some musical instruments to help ease people's souls during the time when the electricity and phones go down - lots of electrcal EMF and RF disturbances. It's possible that many people will perish due to tidal and ocean water fluctuations, earthquakes, volcanic activity, and so on... meteors and asteroids... Infrastructure breaking down as a result, eg: gas explosions, nuclear facility catastrophe. These companies need to be wise and perform shut-downs when they become aware of waves of meteor showers hitting various regions and as geo-thermal activity ramps up.

Choose to be among those who live. Set your heart's intention, and whatever your thoughts are for your future, so it will be. I don't think any nation will be safe... The "devastations" (if any) I feel will happen in pockets here and there, rather than devastate whole countries. High ground (obviously) is a good idea.

Nibi (or similar) is on its way!  And none of us can predict the future. We'll just have to see what happens when it gets here. Make plans... Choose life !!   : )

Planet Nibiru: Two Suns over Mississippi FEBRUARY 2016

Published on Mar 2, 2016

Breaking News: Becky from the city of Bergen, Norway caught this on tape late afternoon and send me this footage just wild. After watching this you can only say: Nibiru is real !!

Inexplicable phenomenon sight of 2 suns over Russia Feb 12, 2016. Smog and two suns in the sky in 2016 in Novokuznetsk. Visit our Website for more

A "Two Suns" Continues To Be Recorded on Astronomy Observatory Webcams, along with NASA's own ... Visit our website for more

Latest Photos, Feb 2016, Planet X, Nibiru & Its Moons, Anunnaki Spaceships, Bob Evans

Published on Feb 22, 2016

Dozens of Photos are discussed and analyzed from different Satellites, Telescopes, Cameras, Webcams, SOHO, Cell Phone Cameras, More... Bob unleashes a bounty of pictures and intel. Check out his website at  Length:  2:40:00

The opinions in this video are not my own - Bronny NZ. The photographic evidence is very interesting.

What is this ?#planet?#reddwarf?#NIbiru?

Published on Oct 12, 2015

Nibiru and 2 moons over italy April 2015 الطارق

Published on Apr 13, 2015

Excellent explanations:

I have no idea (well, a small idea - video views), why "Dr Steven Greer" is referenced in the title of this video as I don't think he appears at all.

Dr. Steven Greer 2015 - Sirius and Planet X 101: Proof of Nibiru (HD)

Published on Jan 1, 2015

We present several observations of two bodies in the Planet X system. Nemesis the small brown dwarf companion to our own sun and it's outermost orbital, Nibi.

There is far too much FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the topic of Planet X / Nibiru / Hercolubus these days because it is coming from malevolent source.

Dr Kyle Kaplan Nibiru Warning - Nibiru Planet X 2014 * Please Like, Comment * Subscribe (Dr Kyle Kaplan Nibiru Warning -. Latest video from Marshall Master.

We present several observations of two bodies in the Planet X system. Nemesis the small brown dwarf companion to our own sun and it's outermost orbital, Nibi.

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