Sunday, 6 March 2016

Evil deeds are no longer hidden. All things are seen. Nowhere to hide.

You reap what you sow... This is karmic law. 
Turkey has been playing very dirty games with NATO and the US military agenda over Syria for many years now, giving rise to the dislocation of millions of people from their homelands.

Turkey very recently exposed itself to the world as an aggressor of Syria, when she launched missile attacks directly into Syrian territory. Turkey even shot down a Russian flighter jet that was helping Syria defend itself against attacks from all sides. Those aggressors were only able to attack because the US and NATO armed and provided infrastructure to this so-called "ISIS" who were puppets carrying out this by-proxy war of the US and NATO.

We now see who Turkey is... Puppets of the NWO agenda who fawn and cower at the feet of their masters in an attempt to find self-advantage, irrespective of the harm they do to members of their own human family on the other side of the Syrian border.

You can not play this sort of 'game'... you can not put this sort of Energy into the Living Consciousness Field and get away with it. Payback will soon follow... And here it is. There is trouble on the land. The same violence the Turkish government meted out to humanity's brothers and sisters in Syria will be returned 10-fold to the Turkish government by its own people. This is karmic law.

"The Reckoning" has begun... All accounts are being settled. All deeds are being uncovered that once remained in darkness - they are now being seen. Karmic retribution is at hand for those who do harm. Retribution is coming upon humanity in a flood. This is an energetic thing, directed by unseen forces. We can not stop it. Set your affairs in order. The evil deeds and crimes that one human commits upon another can no longer be hidden. The day of the Reckoning has arrived.

- BronnyNZ

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