Tuesday 7 July 2015

Russia vows to help Greece overcome financial woes

Press TV - Mon Jul 6, 2015

In this April 8, 2015 file photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras are seen attending a signing ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow. (AFP photo)

Please read the 181 articles I archived in January 2015 for the period covering Nov-Dec 2014. It is outstanding reading. Once you've joined the dots, you can see where the game-play will go... and that has NOTHING to do with what you're hearing on CNN, ABC, Fox News, BBC or even RT or Aljazeera for that matter.


Putin is a Chess Master. That's for real !! He told his people at the end of 2014 there would be no more pay rises in the public service, and there would be two "lean years" in the Russian economy up until 2017. That's when this particular round of the game-play will be OVER. The Kabbal will have fallen by then.

The U.S. economy falls this September - the Year of the Shemitah. Before the end of 2015, Russia and China will have completed its "SWIFT" International Banking system for BRICS allied nations to trade on. The "SWIFT"- equivalent server is for large International trading transactions between countries. Russia and China will have also completed its independent internet networks for BRICS allied nations, which is completely INDEPENDENT of the NSA, PRISM or any other "security" (spying) agencies. Once that network is running, people will leave in DROVES for the Facebook-equivalent service that will no doubt be set up on the BRICS internet.

There will be No more spying, and no more stranglehold on international financial trading by either the FED, the IMF nor the World Bank - which were all set up while battle-worn goyim were still dooking it out in the WW2 trenches of Europe and the Pacific, to keep the bankers in pocket. The kabbal-masters set up the Bretton Woods Agreement to secure the Western world for themselves... and they've had a really good shot at Africa, Asia, the Middle East and now they're taking a crack at the immovable Russia. Russia will not budge. Why hand over your King when you've still got most of your pieces in play?

The BRICS nations will NO LONGER BE TRADING ANYTHING on the New York Stock Exchange by 2017.
30-60% of the world's trading (being the GDP of BRICS allied nations) will shift out of the kabbal hands OVERNIGHT !!  It's difficult to define what total GDP will be affected, as an incredible 133 countries had allied with the BRICS nations before the end of 2014. We will see this take-down well within our lifetimes...

The NWO is screwed. That's how it's going down.
Please read those archives. People need to play catch-up.


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