Saturday 25 July 2015

July 25, 2015. Chris Everard & Sonya van Gelder: History of Satanic Cults

Hampstead Appeal, Cointelpro & Exposing Satanic Elites Through The Ages                                                                

Published July 25, 2015

Please see these links about the parentage of Princess Diana and her likeness to Zac Goldsmith seen on the Australian 60 minutes:

Christopher Everard & Sonya Van Gelder Bring The Latest From Hampstead & How Its Connects to Satanic Cults Past & Present.

Welcome back to a very special broadcast of Freaky Friday on the Truth Frequency Radio Network, and this week we have Christopher Everard and Sonya Van Gelder joining the show.

First up, we bring the listeners up to date with the latest in the Hampstead whistleblower childrens’ appeal. Chris had been in contact with Ella & Abraham and he shares the latest in the case at the Courts of Justice and talks about the increasing amount of infiltration that is occuring around the Hampstead case and research efforts.

Then Sonya carries it on from there, telling us about a recent 60 minutes documentary that aired in her country, Australia, concerning the high level pedophile rings that are at work at the very highest levels of power not only in the UK but globally. Could we be seeing a genuine fight against the establishment here? Sonya shares her thoughts as to why this might be.

From there we cover so many other topics, including ancient history, occulted history, the royal family, Freuds links to Hampstead, Lord Janner, Lord Brammal, Dr Alfred Kinsey, Peter Righton, Sir Peter Hayward, skull cults, satanic rituals, paganism, druids, frequency, multidimension, reptilians vs reptilian disinfo, voodoo magic and so much more.


Christopher Everard make feature-length documentaries which are made for cinema – Christopher Everards films have their own unique cinematic ‘language’ and do not resemble ‘traditional’ documentaries. Christopher Everard is a warrior against unjustness. Christopher Everard has planted thousands of trees and shrubs over the years. You can watch his films and TV shows on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL

Sonya van Gelder. Independent Researcher and Writer of Ancient Mysteries

Growing up in Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Sonya gained a keen interest in the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples worldwide. With over 20 years of personal research into the ancient mysteries and esoteric teachings, she was further inspired when she journeyed to Egypt with renowned authors, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock in 2011.

Sonya’s continuing research has led her to many of Australia’s significant sacred areas and to working closely with original elders. A special area of interest for her is the now famous Gosford Glyphs. She has studied this area extensively and her research may help to prove the authenticity of the controversial Egyptian Hieroglyphs that were discovered here (during modern times) in the early 1900’s.

Feeling a deep connection to and a mutual respect for the aboriginal elders and their stories, Sonya feels it is of vital importance to take a closer look at the ancient aboriginal lore and explore its multi-level significance both locally and globally. Her astounding findings point to an entirely different history of Australia and its global connections, including Egypt, than the one that we have been told in our text books. She believes that it is essential that we unite to protect the sanctity of this lore and the sacred sites that exhibit unique characteristics and hold many secrets within them.

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