Friday 24 July 2015

July 23, 2015 Custody hearing for Hampstead's Alisa and Gabriel Gareeva

Hampstead Whistleblower Kids - Royal Courts of InJustice 23 July 2015

Published on Jul 24, 2015

Update on the Hampstead Case...

The case for grounds for appeal has been adjourned until 4th Aug due to paperwork the other sides failed to hand over...

Those documents where ordered by the Judge to be handed over to the defendants counsel and therefore it has been adjourned..

The Final Hearing of the Hampstead children will be heard on the 6th Aug, two days after the appeal surprisingly.

So we proceeded to leave and went out front of the Royal Corrupt Courts Of Injustice and let rip with the cameras in front of us...

What I witnessed in that court room today was a judge and a Lord who already know the fate of these two children and don't care what evidence we bring before them...

This case is well wrapped up...
They think they got it in the bag
They haven't seen the big hole we put in the bottom of their secret bag... Tracey Morris

These children have been drugged and raped by their father and his cohort who are members of the Satanic cult in Hampstead London.

The FACT that they HAVE been drugged is UNMISTAKABLE !!

You can see the damage of their being drug abused by their father in their eyes, as they have testified in their earlier videos.

There is NO hiding that drug abuse, for a



Is it time for President Putin to get involved? 

Is there someone out there who can bring this case directly to him... Please... ??

We WANT these children to be returned to the safety of their Russian mother as soon as possible !!

Thank you to whoever you are, who will soon consider our plea  <3

Thank YOU !!

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