Monday 27 July 2015

July 27, 2014. Ella and Abraham interview with Lisa Vunk. SOLUTIONS !!

Ella and Abe say some very interesting things about the CointelPro they've identified since this case began. I think this is the first time they've OPENLY talked about certain "agents provocateurs" before. This video IS interesting for that analysis and many other points. Much of the introductory 10 minutes is what we've heard before AND it's very poor sound quality and difficult to hear - Turn all your volumes down. This helps... And persevere...  Interesting information starts to roll out at 10:20 minutes.

This video was published 4 hours ago and has only 33 Views only, so far. We can boost up this stat. by Sharing on all our social media networks...  to Twitter, etc. and our Facebook Timelines and then on to our Facebook Groups. Sadly, the sound quality on this video is very poor and some of the information in the written introduction on the vid. is also somewhat incorrect. I've asked Guidance 2222 to amend this description. You can see my comment to Guidance 2222 in Comments on the video which I think gives a more accurate backgrounder to what's going on.

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Hampstead Cover Up Interview Ella & Abraham Talk To Lisa Vunk

ublished on Jul 27, 2015

The story of Ella's children, Alisa & Gabriel, who have come to be known as The Whisteblower Kids after telling them the truth about how they were victims of a Satanic Sexual Cult led by their father in Hampstead, London, England. The children told how they and other children at their school were forced to have sex with their father, the teachers, other parents, and Child Services workers and participate in their cult rituals including killing babies and eating their meat. Instead of protecting the Alisa & Gabriel, a corrupt and fraudulent court led by Judge Pauffley then ignored all evidence and dismissed the case accusing Ella & Abraham of having coached the children to make up the story. PLEASE listen even though it may be hard to listen to or believe because I feel this is the case that will bring down the whole house of cards original upload by.

Original video:

Yes...  So do I Guidance 2222 which is why I hit it every day possible...

"I feel this is the case that will 

bring down the whole house of cards"


This IS the End Game!

Thanks, Bron

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