Sunday 26 July 2015

CAREER CHANGE: New Energies for you to tap into NOW !! July 26 - Aug 12.

- by mind.body.spirit


Lions Head 888

The Planetary New Year starts on July 26th 2015. 
This is the Galactic cycle of the Moons is a 13 month cycle of 28 days. This is the ancient way of time keeping from the Babylonian, Mayans, Egyptians and Indians & other Advanced Races. Realigning with Galactic time in preparation for the New Cycle of Ascension and Creation. A portal of energy from 7th Dimension. Time itself flows through our manifestations as Masters Teachers of Time & Energy, BEING the “Continuum of the Flow Force of Creation” ~ 333 ~ By HigherSelf. Creating through Art, Creativity, including Sacred Sexual Creativity (manifesting form this action of Love, Adventure & Abundance. Time in the New Earth is a spiral like energy of infinite possibilities unlike the 3D Earth Time as a recycling circle (clock) driven by a fear of lack of money.

3D Earth Linear time is based on the Gregorian/Western Calendar of 12 months 365 days that is not accurate. It is based on the false belief of lack, thus giving up of your time to make money in a manner that is dictated by others in control on 3D Earth. Which is driven by Fear & Lack of Freedom. Exchanging your energy of time for the energy of money in tasks we don’t find joy or freedom within.

This vortex of energy opens a New July 26th 2015, Climaxes August 8th 2015 ~888 and Closes August 12th 2015. During this portal the realigning of humanity into appreciation of our divinity and connection to nature. Some energetic phenomena is transmitted to Earth on these days leading to the Lion’s Gate 8/8. Light codes are grounded and new creativity can begin. A higher level of consciousness in the natural order of things is renewed. The field of resonance of those making the choice to evolve provides a powerful alignment with the New Earth energies of Divine Light for the Planet and yourself. Your choices right now are powerful and can assist the Planet on her journey into Higher Consciousness as a Collective. Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, a powerful moment of integration and grounding of the new energies and light codes, The number 8 symbolizes power, “our power to create”, and by 12th August your new direction for the upcoming cycle will be established, both on the personal level and on the Planetary level.

This powerful 888 GateWay is also referred to the Magdalene Gateway. Sirian Avatars were Yeshua, known as Jesus, and his partner, Mary Magdalene ~ TwinFlames , whom together they embodied the Divine Masculine and Feminine frequencies of the Gold Frequency of the Christ Consciousness to Earth. Mary Magdalene represents the Courage to integrate Soul and Ego into ONE. Using these powers to unite the feminine and masculine energies. Each day momentum is built by balancing the Yin and Yang. No longer “playing the victim” instead standing with conviction of your authentic self and setting the example for others to follow. NOW is the time to bring forth from within, these sacred Master frequencies to Earth from with in your OWN Divine Heart. Blue flame (Masculine/Father God), Pink flame (Feminine Mother God) uniting the Heart space making up the Violet Flame (ONE) expanding out thought the crown into your Golden I AM presence of Golden Light. Simply visualize this daily during a meditation to activate your Divinity and God Consciousness to this Earth for Co-Creation.

I AM working with 80 other people in this group form locations around the Globe along with other people who are connected to (us) these 80 people and Higher Realms (Cosmic and Beings) to anchor these Diamond Energy Frequencies in to Earth over the next 4 weeks, which btw have not ever been anchored on Earth and can now BE, thankfully to the Galactic Convergence as of May 28th 2015. This convergence was successful with the work of the Light Bearers on Earth being able to hold the higher frequencies of this the Galactic energy so the convergence could take place, similar to the Harmonic Convergence (which sustained the light to usher in creation of New Earth Energies) but on a much more grand scale. This is the work of the Ascended Masters of time on the New Earth. In order to assist with the Ascension/Raising Consciousness of Earth and Humanity = Creating Heaven on The New Earth.

The message I want to send, is that a powerful energy is available to all who are open to it. This Lions Gate 888 Portal of Energy. Expand your reality by stepping into a NEW dimension of TIME. To receive the energy of Galactic Time as “Creating in order to Live”. Sustaining a flow of Love, Joy, Creativity and Abundance. Transform your life by transforming your relationship with time. To think out of the cubicle even if you are situated in one. For this cycle of time, choose to think and feel with all that your are doing as creations rather than “tasks”, “just fake it til you make it” the feeling of creation. For your time on Earth is precious. This will lead you closer to your freedom to choose to do what you enjoy doing with your time.

And For GODSelf sake if you have manifested a life with financial freedom go within and find what is brings Joy, what makes your Heart sing and begin to create what you can offer as a spiritual service to mankind. Your ahead of the game, the “lack” & fear driven lower vibration is not part of this equation. Do not succumb to the 3D lower vibrations of Fear, shame, guilt or worthiness by therefore wasting your time partaking in reckless behavior/activities or punching someone else’s clock. Expand your awareness and follow the signs, symbols and numbers showing you a path to your Soul’s purpose. 11:11, 222, 333. These signs are in everything, Plants, Animals will show you, nature, books, signs, license plates, songs, clouds, everywhere!

“You can fail at what you don’t want, So you might as well take a chance on doing what you Love” ~ Jim Carrey

This Energy coming forth will bring change to our electromagnetic fields of Earth thus our DNA will feel the momentum of vibration of heightened frequency. Its a win, win situation whether you feel it or not the Light Codes are flooding IN from this Vortex. Releasing that which is unable to sustain this light “Out with the Old & in with the New” ~ 555 beginnings.

I AM also very excited for this Lions Gate Way 888, as it culminates on the same day of my Birth Date and I feel exquisite connection of this time <3.

9:35 PM: Just received a message by the Angelicss as I finalized this blog. The Angels & HigherSelf send me Spirals of light on my black computer screen along with enlarged bold numbers of the time of day in the corner beside the orchestration of lights, at certain times of the day that hold a message in direct synchronicity of what I am doing or working with at that time (my screen fades into black at the message time:), Sooooo magical every time this transpires. Just like the 11:11 However a WAY HEIGHTNED VIBRATION. The lights are diamond rainbow colors, so vibrant, of various colors that spiral and dance on my screen.,tonight they are pinks, purples, yellows and greens. The Message is: “The Angels/Masters are guiding you to make healthful and positive changes in your career so that your are completely focused on serving a creative ~ spiritual purpose through your work” ~ The Angels

I had to share that message story, as it is one of the ways my HigherSelf/ sends me messages via technology, truly magical !!!

Feeling Blessed & Grateful.

Love & Light

Shelly Sullivan

Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Manifestation Mastery

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