Sunday 5 July 2015

REFUSE to make money off a SOLDIER'S WAGE

July 5, 2015.  Hillary mouths off about going to war...

La tournée incendiaire mondiale de Hillary Clinton

There she goes again, using American lives to put more money in the bank for the bankster, congress and FED crooks. Military action is the USA's #1 export. The controlling elites of the world NEED American boys and girls to DIE so they can keep the money-go-round going for the corporation that is the U.S.A   The official legal name for the USA is "The United Stated Corporation (1871)". This is real. It's a corporation. It's not a Republic. It's not even a Democracy. It's easy enough to rig an election!! The USA is a BUSINESS !!

Say "NO" to ANY kind of military service in the U.S. GO HUNGRY before saying "Yes" to becoming canon fodder in return for a few silver coins. Say "NO" to *THEIR* AMERICAN DREAM of having a hatchery that supplies an unlimited number of Regular and Mercenary soldiers to DIE in wars that the USA COMPANY keeps creating, so the money-go-round keeps going and going... It's TIME for YOU to say "NO" !!!!! YOU are the problem with the world. It STARTS with YOU.

Say "NO". Not at any cost.

Your life is worth much more that that !!

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