Friday 9 January 2015

While the West Moves Money, the BRICS are Moving Mountains

- by LarouchePAC - December 12, 2014


China-Brazil Iron Trade To Double Over Five Years: 

While the British Empire is talking dollars and derivatives, China and the BRICS are talking tons—millions of tons. Guess who's got the inside track on the future?

Iron ore constitutes about 12% of all global maritime cargo today, and a large chunk of that comprises Brazilian shipments to China. In 2013, Brazil produced about 320 million tons of iron ore, and exported 270 million, of which 170 million went to China. That was up from a mere 36 million tons exported to China in 2003—a 4.5-fold increase over 10 years. In August, Brazilian authorities announced that they planned to double those exports to China again, over the next five years. Vale, Brazil's giant iron ore producer, is planning to invest $3.5 billion to increase production by 50% to over 450 million tons by 2018, and has also just ordered 35 of the world's largest (400,000 DWT) cargo ships in order to make delivery.

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