Tuesday 6 January 2015

"I Am Consciousness" - by Bronny NZ

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

We see the dawning of a new Sonne on our horizon... (German spelling of "sun"). It's the rising Sonne of Unity... and of each Man and Womb-Man standing as Sovereign adjudicator over his or her actions, him or her self - in Full Personal Responsibility and Liability... Expecting no saviours... And Real Eyes -ing that all "salvation" comes as an extension of One's Own Actions.

"Seek nothing outside of yourself." Lord Gautama Buddha.

"I Am That" ... ie: I Am Consciousness Manifest in this physical form in this NOW moment in Time and Space... as is the bird chirping on the tree outside, as is the tree and all the wild grasses and infinite numbers of insects and microbes who live under the tree... as is the car with all of its multitudinous mineral parts driving past my house on the street... and is in the combustion "firing" process within the engine and the CO that comes out of the exhaust... All exists because of Consciousness. There is no existence Outside of Consciousness. How could there be? How could there be?

... and Consciousness is in the nearly unnoticeable whirr of my computer box... is in the small coffee table beside me - in all of the space between the atoms whizzing around inside those tree-wood cells, and is in the ceramic cup that sits on the table. Consciousness is in the rumble carried on the air and "sound"-waves from a train passing at 1-kilometre's distance...

ALL is FILLED with the LIFE of Consciousness. "We Are" ONLY because of That.

Consciousness made manifest... in this NOW moment in Time and Space.

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