Thursday 8 January 2015

The Land of the FREE... And the Home of the BRAVE...

Have you looked at the words of your national anthem lately? - It's a war song. It's a lovely melody but it says, "Here we are in the early dawn remembering the slaughter of battle from the evening before. And as the smoke clears from all the gunfire, we see our Flag. And we're so proud of our Flag standing there in the battle field while all around us lie the broken, bloody, torn-apart bodies of dead men and women we killed the day before. And we watch another volley of "rockets" go off (not fireworks btw.) and we sing this lovely victory song knowing that the blast of those bombs will utterly obliterate the village beyond - and all the mothers are about to wake up screaming as they watch their babies' and young children's flesh get torn off their little bones and watch in horror as their helpless tiny bodies explode in a hundred fragments and be flung to the four directions, spiked through with shrapnel. And we're so proud, because of course, we are the Free ones who are so Brave... who give their lives for all the people 10,000 miles away from this stinking battle ground defiled by rotting corpses with gathering flies and wild animals all about, sniffing out their share. We are so proud to be doing our duty... and protecting the people in America from these terrible threats."

Doh !! Wakey, wakey... Time to wake up.... 


- by Bronny NZ

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