Tuesday 6 January 2015

The Cabal are going DOWN !! Dec 2014

Dec 8, 2014 video

Let's tell everybody that THIS is the Moment !!
The UN's Ban Ki Moon is now standing up for the People.
The US msm has started reporting Proper News... At Last !! 

Hell... Even 2 nights ago (I think it was) on NZ's TV3 - the CIA are being outed by the US media - SURPRISE, SURPRISE - for the use of TORTURE !! omg... They ACTUALLY used the word !! "torture" at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba... and they actually showed photos of CIA water-boarding, sleep deprivation - one poor bugger chained up by his arms in an uncomfortable standing position was forced to remain awake for 7 1/2 days... People have been chained by arms and legs... And yet... These are PEOPLE !! #1 and #2 - the f-wit US authorities had NO CHARGES against these men - Held in incarceration for 12,15, 20 years of their lives for having Islamic faith, and who happened to live in America!! ffs. :-/A small group of 6 or so men were released from Guantanamo just 2 days ago and are settling back into Freedom in Uruguay... a government who would take them (bless). This group of 6 or were ACQUITTED 5 YEARS AGO !!! They'd already been in G.Bay for 7 years on false charges, pronounced BLAMELESS then KEPT LOCKED UP for another 5 years!! wtf !!??

But the msm DID keep up their little patter about no US administration will be charged for these abuses, primarily Baby Bush who was head of the CIA at the time. I think those msm reporters better take another look down their camera lens... And they'd see a shit-load of American Muslims coming at them. America! Look out !! Once people come fully awake and recognise the perpetrators of these HEINOUS CRIMES against humanity, there won't be a politician amongst them for the last 50 years who has done WRONG against The People who won't end up in a FEMA camp. The US Marshals will see to it... And so will the war vets from every war since the beginning of the 20th century who have all been used as Canon Fodder. There will be hell to pay. I wouldn't want to be a politician or an ex-politician living in the US right now... Only if you're Ron Paul. Thanks

Senate Torture Report Will Condemn CIA | msnbc

Published on Dec 8, 2014

American embassies are on heightened alert ahead of a forthcoming Senate report on the use of torture. The report is expected to condemn the CIA for its use of torture techniques in the wake of 9/11. NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell reports.


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