Thursday 8 January 2015

Gordon Duff. Veterans Today: Taliban and ISIS are Intelligence agency people; $700 billion in narcotics moved into the USA via Intelligence agencies; US puppet governments installed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia; The scale of the sex abuse of children in the UK is absolutely astronomical; Benjamin Fulford is CIA. He was listed as a rogue 'off the reservation' CIA contact. 'Fulford has gone astray. . . . ' - Murdering children is very much a signature of a false flag terrorism.

Gordon Duff - Russian Intel, 9/11 a 'Nuclear Event' & Much More - Unmissable!

Published on Dec 17, 2014

Gordon Duff:  US Veteran, diplomat, intelligence agent.

On Pakistan:  The US administration has a track record of doing dealings with the Taliban.

2:00 "The drug trade runs a lot of what our security services do. Almost $700 billion dollars of narcotics have come out of this region, all by aircraft supposedly. The Taliban are accused of doing it, but the Taliban don't have an air force or any planes.  This is something that seems to escape the mainstream media."  -  Gordon Duff

3:30  "Pakistan is a pivotal nation."  - GD 

5:00  "Bin Laden, much of the time we were looking for him, was living in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC - as Tim Osman.  He's a member of the Metropolitan Club.  He was receiving medical care at Bethesda."  - GD

6:15   From May - October, Veterans Today received an intelligence dump from the Russian Naval Intelligence.  In the report are mentioned names of US citizens and high profile people who are implicated in the 9/11 event.  Also included are photographs of US intelligence inspectors dressed as utility workers taking away the melted steel from the 9/11 ground zero site.  

For this information, go to Veterans Today online from June 4th under "Gordon Duff".     

15:15  Conference in Syria that Israel gave him a bit of a bashing over.

Groups within Israel threaten US Sovereignty.

16:30  According to the Pakistanis, the Indian government and their security services (RAW) aided Mossad, MI6, rogue groups PMCs within the CIA, and US Military and civilian intelligence agencies, are almost entirely controlled by PMCs politically aligned to the right wing, and directly opposing Obama policy.  

17:08  People in high places in Britain are being blackmailed because there is proof they have killed or molested children.  "It's worse than you think." - GD  

19:00  During the London games - a nuclear warhead was in London. US teams recovered the bomb. It was all kept from the public. This is from official IAEA (US) official documents.

22:00  Regarding Shrimpton:  You don't know what his game is. The scale of the sex abuse of children in the UK is absolutely astronomical.  - Richie Allan

22:55  Regarding Benjamin Fulford:  "Fulford is CIA. He was listed as a rogue 'off the reservation' CIA contact. 'He has gone astray...' "  

24:35   "I believe militants of some description went into that school and did that...  maybe of an Islamic background. I am not trying to absolve the West's participation in any way." - RA 

25:15  Regarding Imran Khan: There are moves within Pakistan right now to do with local politics...  With reference to the Silk Road...  

There is a need to de-stabilize the US puppet governments in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the Ukraine, Georgia, and to some extent Kazakhstan...   

So the old Silk Road from China all the way into Germany becomes a global pathway for Energy, Trade and for Currency development.  This relationship between Pakistan, India, Russia, China requires that Pakistan be legitimized.  The acts of today are not accidental. - GD

27:15  The Taliban is entirely (like ISIS) made up of intelligence agency people and acts as a surrogate for the secret Shadow Government.  This was a false flag terror attack. It was entirely driven and staged as an outrage against the Pakistani people who are living on the economic edge. The are being pre-staged for political instability.   

- Gordon Duff, Veterans Today.

28:30   It's a surrogate war of a new type.  - GD

29:00   How do "they" go about getting men to do that to 132 children, murdered?  How do "they" prepare a group of men to go in there and do that?  - RA

[Bronny NZ:  and who are "they" ? ]

30:30 People are so convinced that murdering children...  Murdering children is very much a signature of a false flag terrorism.  You have to read Lenin and Trotsky.  Murdering children is a methodology of the Bolsheviks.  It's all in the writings of Lenin. - GD

31:40  When you see children killed, it is always state terrorism. It's always an intelligence agency doing it, invariably...  a car bomb...  an airliner that suddenly disappears...  it's an intelligence agency.

This wasn't a terrorist act. This is very much a geopolitical act...  It was done theatrically.  That it's 130 or 120 children meant nothing...   The same if you think Fukushima is accidental...  Odessa...  Waco Texas (1992).  "What is a Branch Davidian?"  -  of the House of David

33:30  This  is something Kennedy pointed out before he was killed in 1963...  We have created a world government of secret societies that have a plan of entropy, of fighting a continual low intensity of world war.  

34:40  Since the 1970s, we have had nothing but war.

35:00  We are sitting on dozens of fission-related technologies that should have given us free energy that would have given us tremendous wealth...  The Social Sciences promised to give us a heaven on earth, but we have moved in the other directions at 1000 miles per hour - and saying that it's all an accident is a little too convenient.  - GD

36:30  Learn to take care of each other...  Then whoever "they" is, are not going to control us. 

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