Thursday 8 January 2015

LaRouche: "BUSH IMPERIAL DYNASTY" out !! BRICS in !!

by LarouchePAC - Friday, December 12, 2014

Lyndon Larouche: What was 9-11?

It was an attack by the British Monarchy, using Saudi cutouts, which was intended to subject the United States to a Dick Cheney dictatorship,— under the nominal Presidency of coke-head George W. Bush.

Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) has provided chapter and verse of the Saudi sponsorship of 9-11 under then Ambassador to Washington Prince Bandar, and of the process by which the British Monarchy created the Saudi Monarchy of today, and how the British funded the Saudi 9-11 operation through the corrupt BAEAl Yamamah arms deal, which was sheltered from investigation by Tony Blair.

What EIR has shown, will be publicly underlined in a U.S. government investigative report, once Obama is forced to produce the classified 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into 9-11, as he promised to do in 2008.

The dictatorship which was the goal of 9-11, and was nearly achieved, was not a dictatorship of George W. Bush as an individual. (He barely qualifies as an individual.)

It was a dictatorship of the British Monarchy, through its imperial financier class: the imperial financier family of Prescott Bush, who financed the #Nazis; of George H.W. “Rubbers” Bush, the population control fanatic; and finally, brainless George W. Bush. And don’t forget brother Jeb, one of the founders of the neocon war-maniacs’ “Project for a New American Century,” or #PNAC.

It’s very, very good Diane Feinstein did this, Lyndon LaRouche said, just as the Republicans are trying to pull this Jeb Bush thing off.

The general term, he said, is that the Republican policy, the Republican-Wall Street policy, is in the process of disintegration.

The solution is for the United States to join the BRICS system of nations united for real physical economic development, free of imperialism. - Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Tonight, just hours ahead of a threatened government shutdown at midnight, an omnibus spending bill was hung up, unable to pass the House, because of Democratic objections to a clause which would make an exception to Dodd-Frank, to force the FDIC to insure commodities derivatives.

In a first vote, on the “rule” for consideration, no Democrat would vote for the bill, even though their leadership had agreed to it, because of what was rightly called the “Wall Street provision.”

No coincidence that this occurred as oil prices plunged downwards, immediately threatening $500 billion worth of “fracking” junk paper, and then the quadrillion of derivatives as a whole.

“The issue,” LaRouche said, “is that of Wall Street and how close we are to a blowout. You can’t evade the issue of Alexander Hamilton and his system.

People think they’re going to save something in terms of money, by not bringing that up, by pretending it’s not there. That’s precisely what will kill them. It’s understandable; they’re terrified; but if they stick to that, it’s going to kill them.”

We have to dump Wall Street and return to Hamilton.

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