Sunday 11 January 2015

There is NO SUCH THING as LAW !! It is a hijacked and distorted concept.

There is only "LORE".

The Puppet Masters stole the homophone "lore" and made it into their own "law" with a totally different meaning. If I break "tribal lore" - the "lore" of agreements and traditions that work within the group of people I am born into, it breaks my heart because of the relationships I have with the people in my tribe, and I want to make restitution.

When a bunch of strangers who I don't know demand gold - the labour of my hands and the sweat of my back - under their "law" which I don't know anything about, it makes no sense to me and I am in confusion. This is their game... Distraction and Confusion. Because it makes us small and weak. 

2015 - The Year of the Sheeple !! 

Stand up and know that the need to "keep the lore" is a Universal concept. It allows communities of people to function together. Being under the "law" does not. That "law" is made up - contrived - and benefits only a very small group of people - the same group who created the money system. 

The "law" is pretense. It's pretend !!  It's dress-ups for grown-ups. That's why they have such ornate costumes when they carry out the Acts that parliament has authored. It's all theatre! 

Please note:  "lore" also needs a general framework.  May it be:  "Do what ye will an' harm none."

- Bronny NZ

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