Wednesday 25 June 2014

"I don't like to use the term ISIS for Iraq," says Iraq'an man Mohamed

Using the Terms Al Qaeda ISIS & Terrorists is Not Constructive or Real - Mohamed

Published on Jun 18, 2014
by 108morris108

"They [the media] are just trying use the narrative of Syria, they're just trying to copy-paste this [term] onto Iraq... They [ISIS] couldn't have held on to this amount of power and influence if they did not have local support... It's impossible to do it otherwise."

"This is what the media always blanks out..."

"Until they stop the terrorist narrative and realise the overwhelming majority of who we're facing are our own brothers... they can't resolve this issue...  It's not constructive."

"Without America, Maliki doesn't stand a chance. Right now we're on the verge of seeing another group of drones, another group of British intelligence, another group of so-called defenders of the US embassy..."

"I wouldn't find that believeable at all."   (Referring to the CNN & Fox images of mass killings.)

 "I don't really understand what the end game is for America... It doesn't make any sense."

-  Mohamed

"The idea that Iraq and America can team up is mostly hype from the press."    -  Morris

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