Wednesday 25 June 2014

History repeats itself: The US is trying to pull another war out of it's bu**

Country Joe & the Fish -- Vietnam song

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011
by Nono Dey

Country Joe McDonald performs his big hit "I-feel-like-I'm-fixing- to-die-rag" (The Viet Nam song) live at Woodstock. He manages to get 300,000 people singing to stop the war in Viet Nam. (Or maybe they really were "half a million strong"!) 

This Woodstock Hero is still touring, now fighting against a new war in Iran. Visit his homepage for more music and info. R.I.P. everybody who died in this war.

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Bronny's rants recently:

The war in Syria is such a crock of shit. The only reason these wars are perpetuated is to prop up the flailing US economy 'coz armaments and military personnel is the US's BIGGEST export. Wakey Wakey. Say NO to the war in Syria. People who are in the infantry all over the world... SAY NO !! Tell your bosses you're not going. Wars are only invented so they can shoot you dead... Because that's what puts money into the puppet master's bank accounts. Don't be a sucker. Share.

The war in Iraq is such a crock of shit !! So you're sending your young men off to war to "protect Ameria". What a lot of shit. They are making money off your boys... Off your sons... All so the puppet masters can laugh at you and shore up more gold than what you and I can ever imagine. All it takes is YOU saying "NO". And then there will be no more wars !!

For much more on ISIS and the navy sitting out off the Iraq coast, please go to my Facebook wall. Thanks.

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