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There's two groups called "ISIS" ... and one of those doesn't even exist

Image source - Amid the wasteland and destroyed buildings, a sense of camaraderie has developed among the town's defenders who have for more than two months doggedly fought off the advances by ISIS fighters. 19 November 2014 photo - a female Kurdish fighter takes aim in Kobani, Syria. On the front lines of the battle for Kobani, Kurdish female fighters have been playing a major role in helping defend the Syrian town from an onslaught by the Islamic State extremist group.

Foreword - Updated August 2018

Please allow for errors of fact in this article. I wrote this in June 2014 when "ISIS" was first seen on international media. When I wrote this, I was purely following my gut instinct. I had very little supporting evidence for my conjectures beyond local testimony - eg: The local Iraqi and Syrian people had never heard of "ISIS" before in June-July 2014, therefore: "ISIS" was not a "home grown" organization. There was also a David Icke video of Syria showing local Syrian people crying for their President and for his protection, Bashar al Assad - who was labelled by the MSM as a "dictator". We are now learning what an enormous lie this is, as the Syrian people flock back to their motherlands.

This article therefore, must be read through June 2014 eyes, when the propagandizing and subterfuge by Western governments in cahoots with Main Stream Media outlets was enormous. There are going to be errors... I was fundamentally correct in my conjectures, but if I was writing the article now, I would change a number of things since we have so much more information.

My further study of this topic in 2014-15 can be seen in around 50 articles on this blog. See this directory to most of those early articles, here >

In 2018, we can absolutely see who "ISIS" is - Paid mercenaries, Private Military Contractors (PMCs) from all over the world; A war funded and manned by the USA Obama-Clinton administration, the UK, the UN and NATO. I have decided to not change any of the following text since it provides a historic perspective of what we (commentators, viewers, readers) could see at the time. Please read this article from that perspective. With gratitude - BronnyNZ

We now understand there's two groups called "ISIS".

(1) One "ISIS" is simply a "media-convenience" name, which the media says is "The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" ... they say. [badly behaving Arabs].That "ISIS" does not exist.  It is a media construct. It is a convenient easily recognisable label on which to hang a whole bunch of stereotypes.

(2) The second (and real) "ISIS" is the paid mercenary army drawn from every Islamic country under the sun, and which is paid by the Barack Obama USA administration, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and even Israel !!

That which erroneously gets labelled as "ISIS" is:  A nationalistic, patriotic home-grown militia in Iraq and Syria, comprised largely of young and not-so-young men and women, who are taking up positions as defenders of their country.

This patriot army is  a gathering together of war babies who are sick of the United States Corporation (1871) occupying Iraq since 1991 (Desert Storm).

Those 1980s babies and young children who were bought up in a war zone, have seen what's happened to Syria in the last three years. And now, they're fighting back the Western allied countries with tooth and nail. They know that if they don't liberate their people and their territories now, the same outcome for Iraq as what is happening in Syria is assured !!!

Would you not fight? Would you not?

In our Western thinking, these fighters are on a par with the British "Home Guard" or the NZ "Territorials" or the US "Veterans Militia". They are not "rebels". They are patriots of their motherlands.

This army is composed of young men and women who since 1991 have suffered all manner of atrocities under the US and allied nations' occupation of their country ever since the offensive known as "Desert Storm".  Some of us older people remember when this attack was announced.  I was horrified... And quite in shock.  It was an open declaration of an intent to commit genocide on the people of Iraq, as far as I could see.

Any Iraqi children born since 1990 have known nothing but bloodshed and murder at the hands of the Western Allies - all of their lives !! The dissent we now hear on our news channels did not spring up out of nowhere. It has sprung up out of a generation-and-a-half of people who have grown up, seeing and realising that something had to be done to push out the Western invader.

You and I would have exactly the same reaction given the same situation.
We would fight !!!  Of course we would.

So let's stop calling them "rebels" and "terrorists" and "a faction" and "dissidents".

They're not. They're the country of Iraq's people who love their Mother Land, who have seen all kinds of horrors when they grew up, are very nationalistic. They are the protectors of Iraqis and now Syrians who choose to not bear arms. How are these patriots labelled "rebels" and "dissidents" when they fight for what they know is good and right - for their people and their lands?

They are PATRIOTS.

Image result for fighters against isis
Source June 23, 2016 - Kurdish Fighters Celebrate Military Success Against ISIS in Syria

The "ISIS" you see below is an American intelligence training school and mercenary contractor. They teach American thugs how to go out and kill innocent people who they say are called "ISIS".  Unknown to many of these thugs, they are actually playing out the part of ISIS !!  #MediaLies  If there's a mortgage to pay, a wife and children to feed back in the US, it's not surprising really what men will do in return for a few notes of money.

In a final note: It's the money system that keeps us enslaved and working for their agenda.  

It's time that living human beings start to question the consequences of receiving a pay check.

Whether it be for need or greed, it is sad indeed is the human heart that lusts after money over and above the happiness and safety of other people - regardless of how those people dress or what their religion is.

    Image result for US Mercenaries in US SIS
Image source

ISIS Hq Virginia
Image result for US Mercenaries in US SIS

Meet ISIS USA. "ISIS exists for one purpose: To provide government and business the sophisticated intelligence, technology, security and training they need to support and protect national and corporate interests in the most challenging of global environments. All with the utmost professionalism, transparency, and integrity." 
 – Don Wright, President & CEO


So...  When you see in the mainstream media - CNN, ABC, Fox, BBC...  that ISIS has been out on a killing-spree, and they show you horrible images, you can be absolutely sure that it's your own home-grown US "ISIS" contracted soldiers.

Alternatively, those images will have been photoshopped or staged, which many of us now realise happens to a lot of the images and scenarios coming out of the US, eg:  Sandy Hook, 9/11, the Boston Bombings -  All Staged. Nothing but theatrical performances.  Have you never wondered about the term, "Theatres of War"?  Maybe these actions are given this name because there are spectators/ audience (us) reading the news papers or news feeds every morning, and then there's the "actors".  And it's really hard to distinguish what's real, from what's not.

If the bombings and atrocities are real in Iraq, there's an 80% chance it will be American fighting men, mercenaries, who are doing that dirty, bloody, guilty work. 

They're not out there in the desert getting paid around $400-$600 per day just to look pretty.  They are killing machines !!  The roles they act in have nice names like "Functional Area Expert" or "Security Engineer".  That's all part of the subterfuge...  so the members of the audience (the paying public) don't really know who the actors are or exactly what they're doing out there in the desert. It's all smoke and mirrors.  It makes a lot of money for the puppet masters.

Pay schedules for "ISIS" Viginia USA, 2013

Functional Area Expert
per hour  ​$127.00
per day ​$1,016.00
​Functional Area Analyst
per hour  ​$110.00
per day  ​$880.00

Senior Information Assurance/Security Engineer   
     per hour  $111.00​       
per day  $888.00
​Information Assurance/Security Engineer
     per hour  $104.00           
per day  ​$832.00

American men paid by ISIS Inc. US, are killing.  That's why they get paid so much.  

Above are the advertised rates from the ISIS website.
$400-$600 per day is my estimate of the wages, minus ISIS' running costs.  

I suggest that the actual pay would be much less than the rate per day that ISIS charges its customers, since the cost of vehicles, equipment and weapons all need to come out of that hirage... I would say.  I'm sure that different missions/contracts would all consist of slightly different arrangements.

Haven't you ever wondered how a bunch of rag-tag "rebels" got hold of a fleet of identical shiny white utility vehicles loaded to the hilt with munitions. Have you never wondered how "ISIS" (in our concept, "the rebels") have the time, technology or the money to fund, make and produce such slick video and photographic productions?

Well of course "ISIS America" can do all of this. They are loaded to the hilt with IT and Communications experts - just look at that priceList link above for a dozen IT and Coms-based roles. And what do you learn as a part of your Coms. degree in the US and the Western world these days?  - video, broadcast, digital sound, photography, etc. Join the dots. It all makes sense.  The glossy HD videos and photos we're getting on our Mainstream Media are made by experts, Americans, not some rat-tag group of "rebels" who no doubt have trouble finding enough food for their mouths and enough bullets for their guns.

American kids grew up in military households desensitizing themselves on Playstation, Nintendo and Atari while YOU, their parents, were at work. They grew up listening to the world around them telling them America was under attack. The adults in their lives fully endorsed that point of view. Well, now it's those kids who are pushing the "detonate" button on those drones for real, for their military contractor bosses at "ISIS" and other such "leading" logistics, intelligence and security firms. And all for a pay cheque. Blind indeed.

And I know... You're so proud of how they "serve their country", how rich they are now, and how "well" they are doing. But don't worry... You won't stay blind for too much longer, after reading this post.

The Media game:

The US/ Western media propaganda machine then gets caught up in everything.... and starts reporting about goodness knows Who doing goodness knows What under the blanket label, "ISIS".

So the real "ISIS" (Virginia, hq Washington DC) are getting away with all sorts of war crimes, and the Sunni extremists are never brought to accountability. All because the media are just using "ISIS" for everything. Then nobody really knows anything.

And this lack of clarity actually serves the puppet masters very well.

It's a Game they want to play.  It's definitely not by accident.

If your fellow country-men or fellow Muslims sold you out, decimating what had been an economically and financially strong and independent country, and delivered it into the hands of the World Banks, the IMF and the US Federal Reserve Bank (all cabal crooks and private bankers), purely because they could make some coin off the transaction, you would probably want to shoot them too.

I don't blame them at all. Do you ??

Image result for US Mercenaries in US SIS
Image source

The people of Iraq saw what happened in Syria for the last three years (above) under a "rebels" attack, which rightly should be called: "the USA-lead attack against President Assad". The patriot army are now fighting tooth and nail to stop this same travesty, this same ruin, happen in their own country of Iraq. God help them.  

Don't believe the propaganda coming out of the West.


  1. You put a whole different spin on all this. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome Susan. Thank you for being prepared to look at the situation through a different lens : )

  2. Ìt is time for all the people of the world to take back our countries and our freedom , and bring to justice the treasonous lying , murdering scum . Justice For All !

    1. Yes it is Anonymous. 2015 is the year of the Sheeple !! We are taking our pastures back, without reserve.


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