Wednesday 25 June 2014

How do we trust anything from the "official" reports?

"Official" reports put out by the military, by governments, by any mainstream media who get televised airtime (even networks who we think would tell us the blatent truth), are often in direct conflict to what people on the ground are saying.  If you're interested in these topics, it's best you find Primary (first hand) sources...  because obviously, Secondary sources will tell you whatever suits THEM.

WikiLeaks Cable: US Troops Handcuffed, Killed Iraqi Children; Covered It Up

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2011

A diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks says that U.S. troops massacred an Iraqi family in the town of Ishaqi in 2006, handcuffing and then shooting 11 people in the head including a woman in her 70's and five children ages five and under.

The soldiers then called in an air strike on the house to cover up evidence of the killings.

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