Sunday 24 February 2013

Environmental Chemist Says: "No Fluoride in Public Water Supply"

The Case Against Fluoride, Paul Connett in New Zealand FluorideALERT.or

Published on Feb 23, 2013 Headline:
Prof Paul Connett touring New Zealand 17th February to 10th March 2013 see details....

Personally, I have not drunken water from my local fluoridated water supply for the last 3 years... not even in hot drinks. I collect rainwater (during the last rainfalls I collected 130 litres) then if that runs out like at the moment as we're in drought, I purchase NZ spring water or travel out of town to fill up my water containers from towns where they don't fluoridate. I'm very serious about this issue as you can tell.  Also, I eat a fresh food and organic diet.  I utterly REJECT FOOD INDUSTRIALISATION...   Back to natural. 

I won't  CONTRIBUTE TO THE CANCER INDUSTRY !!!    :-x    *angry face*

Things you CAN do...

  • Start supporting your local Farmers' Markets
  • Grow your own vegetables and plant some fruit trees if you have a bit of ground
  • Submit proposals to your local government to start "Community Gardens"
  • Make submissions to your local government protesting Fluoride in your city/ town water supply
  • Find out where your local Fluoride Action Network is and become an activated member





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