Monday 25 February 2013

Freedom 13: UCC "Amendment" documentation

The earliest legal document I have found on the "Peoples Trust 1776" website is a UCC Financing Statement (Uniform Commercial Code) dated 05-04-2000 or 4th day of May 2000. It was lodged by "CHARLES C. MILLER [an artificial person & legal fiction]" at 9:12am on that date and cost US$30 to lodge.  

Go:  Website link above: UCC Filings tab:  2011 and before drop tab: Title and Ownership drop tab  

In this Financing Statement CHARLES C. MILLER submits that: 

"ALL claims..." [money owed] "... are hereby and herewith DISCHARGED.... FOR CAUSE of bad faith absent proof [not disclosing publicly full knowledge of hidden proceedings]  ... by the Debtor [the corporations, which includes governments]  ... In particular, issues governed by Admiralty/ Maritime jurisprudence and juristiction(s) causing penalty, fine, or forfeiture of any kind caimed against the Debtor [the corporation/ governments]   (page 2 of 12)

"Addendum of Law and Presumptions"

[2]  Secured party, Charles C. Miller...  accepts tender of this commercial registry...

[7]  Secured party reserves right to amend, enhance, delete, or otherwise supercede the provisions  ... herein ...

[8]  Any objection, rebuttal, or counterclaim to this registered document or any portion thereof must be tendered to the Secured Party within twenty (20) days. 

CHARLES C. MILLER it appears, submits this document in regards to himself.

A UCC Financing Statement Amendment follows dated 05-17-2011 or 17th day of May 2011. The Amendment is marked as an "Assignment", or perhaps re-assignment of the original year 2000 document to another party.  Near the bottom of page 7 of 12, it is expressly stated that the original Financing Statement 4th May 2000 was "never protested".

On Page 8 of 12 of the accompanying Amendment Adendum the Assignor is named and described as "Charles C. Miller, natural man, is corrected above due to automated filing systems altering original capacity(ies), and standing(s), correction." [interesting]  The agreement begins from 04 July 1776. 

The 'assignment conditions' are of most interest:
  • (1)  ... Trustees known to the Assignor [who are the now-known Heather, Caleb and  Hollis] will develop and implement protocols and procedures for settlement of all disputes and settlements related to documents, collateral(s), assets, values [gold & silver] or properties registered under the UCC...  [ie: that's EVERYTHING corporate]
  • (2)  ... use of assignment understood and agreed to be for the benefit of the Creditors, Bailors, Grantors, Beneficiaries, The One People [different names for us ]  ... beginning 04 July 1776
  • (3)  ... any and all assets held under UCC registration...  shall be considered asset for Treasurer of the Public Trust subject to current Trustees thereto [Heather, Caleb and Hollis]  ... serving the original organic law of The One People being re-established and operations with Integrity, Responsibility and Transparency, in open public forums. 

I find it interesting that the "Debtor names" listed on page 10 of 12 are (I think) correctly named:


The third and final Amendment on page 11 of 12 I think is the most exciting.  In this document, "Charles C. Miller, natural man" states who he is "Assigning" his 4th May 2000 Financing Statement to:

"Secured Party, Charles C: Miller, under financing statement, Receipt # 36090, Document # 2000043135, May 4, 2000, assigns full right, title, and interest to Commercial Registry, Uniform Commercial Code, PL 88-243, 77 stat 630 to The One People's Public Trust 1776 for full ownership by the One People, Beneficiaries to the Original Political States constructed to serve the One People...   

"... whereby the One People in general and Charles C. Miller in particular, are the Creditors to and for any and all governmental powers, original or derivative, Secured Party reserving supervisory and settlement officer position administration for good faith and clean hands operation of public property as required of Trustee to and for the One People's Public Trust 1776."  (page 12 of 12)

The cost for each of the x3 Ammendments along with their x3 Ammendment Addendums was US$26.50 each =  US$159.00.  Add to this the first amount of US$30 for the 4th May 2000 submission and this comes to a total of US$189.00.  

This has got to be the best  US $189 that anyone has ever  spent.  Thank you Charles, C. Miller, natural man, for using your intuition and following this process to see where it would lead. We are forever grateful to You.  Thank you to the Trustees of The One People's Trust - Heather, Caleb and Hollis for agreeing to be Trustees as Assigned by Charles C. Miller. Thank you all for using your skills and knowledge to make this happen for all people. Thank you each one, on behalf of the One People,

from Bronwyn in New Zealand   

A wee message for the One People:

We all Co-created this together with our thoughts and readiness for change   : )

Thank you


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