Friday 22 February 2013

Incredible Personal Transformation Story

Gabriel Method Success Story - 88 pounds (40kg) Weight Loss

Published on Feb 11, 2013

Tiffany Nightingale lost 88 pounds (40kg) with the Gabriel Method, a holistic approach to weight loss. In this inspiring video, Tiffany describes the core lessons she learned to achieve true long-lasting weight loss.

Lose weight with out dieting and without struggle using the Gabriel Method, a mind-body, holistic approach to sustained weight loss.

*No more diets
*No calorie counting or deprivation
*Address the real problems
*Use visualization & holistic health
*Nourish your body to solve the problem

Can you relate to Tiffany's story?

Still photos by Nopera Watene, OMF Photography.

I started reading "The Gabriel Method" book at the beginning of the New Year.  By taking Jon's advice, i've now 'released and let go' around 5.5kg or 13lbs in 7 weeks.  I'm very happy with this...  especially since Jon's basic instruction is to ADD...  Add those essential elements to your diet that have been lacking.  Add some Multi-vitamins daily, Add Omega-3 to every meal, Add Living Food (fresh uncooked veges & fruit) to every meal. I still enjoy cream on deserts and sometimes get take-out, plus i've had the odd glass of wine or beer if I feel like it.   If you feel like it, you have it.  No Guilt. 

The only thing that I really DON'T have any more is bread, which is something Jon talks about in the book. He explains why industrially-made bread is such a clogger in our systems.  I don't miss not eating bread and wheat flour products.  I still have potatoes and rice occasionally...  I don't even have a particular 'need' for those things any longer.  Mainly i've been eating organically grown beef, fresh fish, free range eggs and salad greens from my garden... including spicy pumpkin pie served with cream  : )   And i'm losing weight, as Jon says, because i'm no longer starving my body nutritionally.  It's very amazing !!!  The night time visualisations are THE BEST.  I sleep really well, all night after listening to the night visualisation.  Jon says, "You're not doing 'The Gabriel Method' if you're not listening to the night visualisation."

As Tiffany here says, a fellow Kiwi girl by the sound of her accent, 'Please just give this a go'.   Jon's book is available online. There's so much more in the book that you can't write in a blog... "The Method" really is more of a "mentality", so you don't get the whole picture of how all of this works, and why it works, until you read the book. Jon goes into the bio-chemistry of why our bodies want to gain weight in user-friendly terminology and explanations. He makes so much sense. I got my book on a special with Amazon in 2011, so look around. After you place your book order (which comes from Jon in Perth, WA, Australia) you will get added to his email list. Purchase of the book also ensures that you have ongoing support, suggestions, recipes, etc. It's a marvellous package. I will continue my 'transformation process' as Tiffany is also doing. Hopefully, i'll be able to add a "Success Story" video on Jon's site some time in the next year or so too.  

This whole 'Method' feels good...  Good and 'honest' if you know what I mean.  No gimmicks. Unless you consider eating 3-4 times a day a 'gimmick'  : )   It's just 'normal'.  Just like we used to eat before "calorie counting" came into vogue, and before industrialisation hi-jacked food production.  Go back to 'natural'.  You body and your health will LOVE YOU for it   : )

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