Wednesday 27 February 2013

One People's Public Trust - Elucidated

Hi there ~

I disappeared from this site for a couple of days to build a dedicated site discussing the "One People's Public Trust".  This is such a HUGE subject...  and we are only at the beginning of our understanding.  Rather than continuing to post OPPT material on this site, I will now post on the new site, linked here:

This is a small beginning to what hopefully will be very good learning resource for newcomers to OPPT. I am learning myself as I go along  : )   The difference with this new site as compared to many of the others that have sprung up, is that it is an intentional teaching tool.  Many of the other sites are copy-pasting huge swathes of material once they hit the internet.  This is a very good resource...  but may not be very helpful for people coming to the material for the first time...  and there will be millions of people I predict who will be hungry for the information, set out in a very easy to understand form.

This is where "One People's Trust ~ Elucidated" comes in.

If any readers here feel drawn to this mission along with me, please contact me through this site, ie: via Comments will always reach me, and I would really appreciate your assistance on the new blog.  If you're a teacher/ ex-teacher or researcher, or function as such, you will be perfect  : )   btw. I'd better mention that I do all of this as my service to humanity...  you'll undoubtedly feel the same way as myself   : )  Thank you for your consideration



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