Monday 18 February 2013

Ease of Communication: How can we all stay on the same page?

There are SO MANY websites out there now that individuals have set up dedicated to creating Awakening and global Change. They are all tweaked in a slightly different orientation according to the writer's interest/ knowledge/ passion...  eg: economy, spirituality, UFO's, interdimensionals, militia, Syria & the mid-East, anti-Zionism, animal rights and protection, ecology, horticulture, self-sufficiency, child protection, indigenous rights...  the lists go on and on.

I want a rallying-point. I want to be able to go somewhere and 'get my orders' as it were... so that the 99% (us) can 'arm up' (figuratively) and be more effective.  I don't know if this is possible yet. American Kabuki blogspot is a great rallying-point.  Good info.  It's not "action" oriented however... but replete with  great information.

So how do we add "action" to our good ideas ?? Bear in mind that this is currently an "Armchair Revolution". Time will come soon enough when we have educated ourselves well enough, and then we will need to support each other to TAKE ACTION. Humanity is in the best position it's ever been in to UNITE. The internet makes this possible.  The other means for connection is through "The Source Field".  Through this energetic field, the Source speaks into your and my heart every day.  We wake up in the morning and we know we 'must' do this or that bit of research, make this or that contact, do our little bit in our corner of the world...  

So... How can we bring all of this together???  Maybe there's no need to in physical form. In the unseen (unmanifested) realm, we are all connected to each other anyway... with these invisible silver-blue threads.  

In February-March 2011 another online friend of mine was very keen to get a global, unified initiative going. As i'm an ideas person, we sent a few long letters back and forth discussing the possibilities. My ideas included a logo (colours discussed, emblem, etc), a hand gesture (index finger pointed to the sky), and a chant, "One... We Are One".  My friend liked these ideas and continued to work with his German associates to see what was possible.

On 17 September 2011 (only 6 months later) our idea (along with 10's thousands of other people thinking the same sort of thing) manifested as "The Occupy Movement" on Wall St, NYC.  Me and my friend had NOTHING directly to do with the Occupy Movement, but we Co-created it, along with 10's of thousands of YOU !!!  THOUGHT IS ENERGY that gets put out into the atmosphere/ environment by ALL OF OUR MINDS. When we think it, particularly collectively, it MUST Become !!!  This is a Natural Law.  "Thought is followed by Matter".  This is a central beauty of 21st century quantum physics. We learn about manifestation arising from thought in "What the bleep do we know..."  movie, and "The Secret" book, from Anastasia in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia", and "Abraham-Hicks" channelling just to name just a few...  

So I simply trust that we are All Unifying and Waking Up.  Simultaneously. Not all people have "heard" the 'voice' yet...  but estimates from a certain Yoga school say that we need less than 1% of the population to be Awake globally, for there to be a widespread Awakening.  This stat. sounds in sync with the "100 monkeys" story/ allegory.  100 monkeys' behaviour simultaneously changed behaviours in 10,000 other monkeys including additional monkeys who were living on other islands in the Pacific, simultaneously and without direct contact.  This is a true research story btw. 

So I believe in the Unified Field, in Source, in the 100 monkeys theory...  plus many other strangenesses.  It's metaphysics.  

In short...  I think it would be really difficult for anyone to create a single site as a rallying-point for 7 billion people although I would dearly love this to be so. I just trust instead that we are All Waking Up one by one,  through "vehicles" as Gautama Buddha put it,  ie: means whereby we are forced to start questioning our position within the Macro- social & environmental  structures to which we have become accustomed, eg: Hurricane Katrina/ Sandy - government inaction, Sandy Hook fictitious event, CIA narcotics trafficking 1980's exposed and ongoing, US government-induced 911 events, Bush snr. CIA agent prior to Presidency, FOREX trader John Key (now NZ Prime Minister) was advisor to Alan Greenspan 1999-2001 (FED).  What ????   And now... The Pope's resignation and arrest (imminent) which will awaken the Catholic "flock".  Everything is happening in Perfect Timing. It's all being orchestrated by the 'Divine Hand' which we can not see - the Hand of Creator.  

I guess all we can do is "trust" and have as our 'rallying cry', the inner 'small still voice' who speaks inside our chests from moment to moment.  We are One.


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