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The Sun is NOT what We Think It IS

I find all of this to be very, VERY interesting.  

The TRUTH about the Sun, The Sun Is Hollow & Interdimensional - Eric D

Published on Jan 30, 2013


Eric Dollard has done over 4 years of research on the Sun at Sonoma State University before his lab was taken from him. Here he reveals astonishing truths about the sun never before heard in such frank and straight speak.

11 March update:
I was at an 'astronaut' site recently and there was clear footage of the Sun which you can  see when you're in space...  and you can see the stars and the planets too...  so i'm not quite sure which  "dimension" Eric was in at the time giving rise to his hypothesis that you can't  see the Sun or the stars when you're out in space.

7 February 2012:
What Eric saying in this video below is in the same ball park with some information I received in early 2009 about the Sun.  The Sun is not what we think it is !!  We think we know what we are seeing and i'm finding it very difficult to find the right words to explain my knowing...  but it's as if the Sun has:

1)  a "physical self" that it shows to us on planet Earth and we can 'believe' what we are seeing in a conventional sort of way

2)  a highly "spiritual self" where its 'form' can appear within many multi-dimensional realities simultaneously. The natural 'form' of the sun is luminous and transparent. The Sun has a purpose that we can not see but which relates directly to humanity

3)  the Sun is an entity !!  Yes... the Sun is a Being. The Sun itself can speak into your heart.  Just ask... and then listen.  You will have a feeling of love and glowing...  tenderness...

So the Egyptians and the Mayans were absolutely right in their Sun worship, because what they 'saw' was the Sun in his REAL form, not as we see the Sun today with our "intellectual" eyes.  I feel that there is NO coincidence that in the English language, the name for the Son (of God) sounds exactly the same as the solar system Sun.   In English etymology 'sun' comes from the Latin 'Sol or Solus' and 'son' comes from the Proto-Germanic 'sunu' or 'sunuz'.  As you can see, there are very close links between these two words, even very far back in history. One must aske the question: Is 'the Sun' indeed an intended reference to 'the Son' ??  And when I say 'the Son', I am not meaning the literal non-historic figure of Jesus Christ for whom so little/ no archeological evidence exists...  but for the entity/ endowment of those characteristics anthropomorphised in our minds when we hear the phrase 'the Son of God' or 'Jesus the Son of God'.  These characteristics are about warmth, love, generosity, sharing, healing, having no favourites, acceptance, forgiveness, there never being a sense of wrong...  of never feeling ill at ease, always being looked after and loved, like a little lamb..  so many images spring to mind. But they all have at their foundation a feeling of warmth and love.

Now transfer these characteristics onto what 'the Sun' is were 'the Sun' to appear in human form...  'warm, lovely, giving to everyone, beaming full and strong at no charge, healing (eg:Vitamin D, also: sunlight enters through the eye which stimulates the brain and reduces depression; many other 'goods)), of having no favourites, acceptance, holding no grudge, there never being a sense of wrong...  of never feeling ill at ease, always being looked after and loved...  shining down, making our plants grow and our animals and ourselves happy and healthy.

To my reckoning, the Sun IS the Son !!   This is 'the entity' of 'the Sun'  ... which in my awareness is less likely to be an enormous chunk of molten rock flaming in space, and much more likely to be the manifestation of a spirit-etheric entity who shines down on us all in love, acceptance and generosity.  Even in the Bible it says, "The sun shines on the good and the wicked alike..." (Matthew 5:45).  When the Bible was translated from Aramaic & Latin into English, were the homophones "Sun" and "Son" actually not a mistake at all ??  Did Benevolent Cosmic Consciousness Who Is Eternal and who brings ALL manifestation into being, seen and unseen...  even language  ... design this homophone purposefully so that we would one day 'look up', ie: within our hearts, and realise that the giving Sun that shines radiantly on all of humanity is actually 'the Son' ??  

Out of interest, in your language, does the name of the Son of God (Jesus) sound the same/ similar or look the same/ similar as the name you call the Sun ??  I bet that English is not the only language that this happens in.  

You will find that this very interesting interview about our physical Sun also feeds into some of the thoughts that arose in me about the Sun in early 2009.  You too can find Truth about the Sun...  or in fact, anything you wish to find out about.  Just ponder the topic for 15-30 minutes then open your mind for possibilities.  It may very well feel like or sound like someone is talking to you... giving you an answer to the things you are pondering. The answer may appear to you in pictures in your mind, in words, in writing that seems to flow through you spontaneously (as it did with me that day) or in some other form that suits the way you are 'wired'.  Please don't doubt the sometimes strange answer/s that comes to you...  "SomeOne" is INDEED speaking to you and showing you these things  : )  And if the answer is strange, you don't have to tell anyone else about it... (I recommend silence often)...  as speaking to others about your 'knowings' might very literally get you taken to your local psychiatric unit where pharamaceutical drugs might be seen to be 'the solution'.  I work in mental health.  I think this happens to far too many people who don't understand that they're being called to be 'Light Workers'.  Instead, keep your thoughts quietly to yourself and wait for a day when it seems appropriate to share your illumination.  I had to wait for nearly 4 years to share this with the world.  Now with verification coming from this scientist-type dude confirming my perceptions in March 2009, I feel much more inclined to talk about the information I received.  I haven't shared all of what I received above here...  Here's a few more bits of information that I was shown...  I received much more detail than what i've written here...  but I don't feel comforatable with sharing it all just yet.  Here's a few snippets:

I was also shown (like Eric says in the video below) that the Sun is inter-dimensional... and a portal...    a vehicle through whose Energy we can return to our 'Natural State' which is an Eternal body... only covered over by this temporary material body which allows us to have this 3-D experience. While the Sun appears to be 'real' is not actually real at all in the form that we 'see' it.  

The Sun is "pure energy". This 'pure energy' is all that we need to 'power' our material bodies...  but we don't believe this yet...  so we keep on eating food.  All that food is (in it's purest form) is stored Sun's pure energy. Light energy is absorbed by plants for us and animals to eat - plants instinctively know that humans and animals have not yet transcended and so plants store this energy for us. This is their primary function at this time. They will function differently once this purpose is no longer needed. They are eager to talk to us and will more easily be able to do so once their function of photosynthesis (turning photons into matter) is no longer required. If we are wise, we will right now be eating unadulterated (ie: organic) produce as soon as it is picked. Cultivating your own garden is the most easy means for you to be able to achieve this. This brings the maximum amount of 'Light' into our bodies...  very literally !!!  We are ascending towards being very literally "Light Beings".  When we eat "food" from the supermarket, we are only filling up our vessel (body) with a placebo.  This "food" is not doing for us - our minds, our bodies, what is intended that real food does for us.  When we start to 'connect' with "Light food" we also will be ready (in awareness) to start absorbing Sun's Light and Energy directly into our bodies by absorbing it through our skin, inhaling it, allowing our entire bodies to be wrapped around with this Energy which will then be our food.  There will no longer be a need for us to eat. This may take a few generations for us (humanity) to achieve this.  It may happen within this generation...  I don't know.  But I know this to be true.  People live this way already.  They are well on the way to ascension  : )

11 March update:
... And then I found this video today  : )   The comments of interest are near the end...  @ 05:47

The 5 Layers of a Lucid Dream (4/5)

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2009

A Brief Summary for Layer Three (Minor):

You'll realise you're dreaming and fully understand the implications of what dreaming really is. The dream will be stable and vivid. However, you'll not have full control over your actions and at points it may feel like you're watching a movie. You understand that the dream characters are merely a facet of your imagination, although they still believe that they're real.

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