Saturday, 4 April 2020

April 2, 2020 << ALL COUNTRIES >> Worldometer final totals #COVID19

Below: Sweden's death rate goes exponential! There is no stopping this maelstrom. So needless... Only occurring because of advice so irrational !!!   😖😖😖 #InvestigateTegnell

Sweden has not ordered a general quarantine. This is what happens when you allow businesses to remain open, junior schools open, public transport continuing... A lot of people all get sick at once, over a very short period of time. Additional pressure is then put on the hospital system and nursing staff become stressed, there's not enough personal protective wear, beds run out, there are no more available ventilators, masks run out, medications run out ...  people die!  

Avoid all of this by putting the entire population into quarantine for four weeks... The same number of people will get sick, but because you've taken your foot off the accelerator for spread, the hospital system can now cope and far fewer people die!

Common sense!  

Search Anders Tegnell, Sweden. The man is an idiot! ... or he has an agenda ... or both!  No conscience! 

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