Monday, 6 April 2020

Inquiry needed IMMEDIATELY of the Swedish Public Health agency. Unbelievable !!!

Authorities say no to protective materials - do not hold the highest security rating

Swedish authorities say no to buy several million protective masks, plastic aprons, visors, gloves... even though the material is packed and ready for delivery next week. Staff in the healthcare sector in Stockholm believe this is a completely wrong decision.

Through his contacts, Peter Asarnoj was told that Sweden could get help from Poland to buy several million protective masks, gloves, plastic aprons, visors and much more from China. Peter then contacted the Swedish authorities. The Minister of Social Affairs was also informed of the possibility.
- All logistics and everything else is arranged and ready for delivery to Sweden already next week, says Peter Asarnoj. Poland has been waiting with its own delivery to allow Sweden to take home the equipment with the same aircraft.

Swedish authorities say no

But despite the fact that health care is screaming for protective equipment, Swedish authorities say no.

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