Tuesday, 31 July 2018

QANON ISAAC KAPPY SPEAKS OUT! #Pedogate #SRA Excellent video. Watch. Share.

July 28, 2018

This short video packs a punch. Essential viewing. Thank you "White Rabbit News".

#SatanicRitualAbuse  #SRA  (two different links)

Note from White Rabbit News:

We are not accusing anyone of illegal activity in this video. Rather, we are reporting and illustrating open source information that can easily be found online. Viewers can come to their own conclusions after viewing this video.

We provide our opinions in the video. These are our true opinions. True opinions are legally allowed in reporting and journalistic activities.

Images following: Viewer discretion advised!

WRN reports on Isaac Kappy. Isaac is coming out with information pertaining to Hollywood actors that he claims are associated with inappropriate/illegal matters. Also, QAnon post, Anon posts, and Tweets regarding inappropriate matters related to same.

Kappy videos:

Isaac Kappy Exposing Pedowood - https://youtu.be/uJPL9ilwBYU
Famous Actor Exposes Hollywood Pedophiles! -
Q post sources: Qanonposts.com https://qanon.pub/

Artist Gottfried Helnwein - screenshot from this video.

"These people are sick" - Q

"All roads lead to Switzerland," Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa... not to Rome. Clearly - Vatican City in Rome Italy is a hub of pedophilia, money laundering and other human abuses. #DebtSlaves

For more about the Swiss criminals #BIS (many articles) #ChildSlavery (video) until 1989, please see #SwissPharaohs on this blog for more explanation.

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